ABC News Presenters and Reporters



Lorna Dunkley is presenting the late news.


Great newsreader. When their news department starts expanding 10 should poach her.


Former Ten News presenter Celina Edmonds is filling on on Evenings tonight.

ABC News (Channel)

…but of course it has to be said that Celina Edmonds was at ABC News during the 1990s before joining Ten (and Sky News, before returning to the ABC in December last year)! :slight_smile:


I actually didn’t know that until I did some further research after I made the post. According to her Linkedin profile she also worked at Prime and WIN in the early 90s as well.



Gemma Veness presented in NSW and Charlotte Hamlyn presented in WA yesterday.


Emilie Gramenz presented ABC News NT Tonight.


I didn’t realise she’d left Tas.



Canberra news is being presented from the War Memorial.


As Jeremy Fernadez is moving to ABC News from 2019 - who will present ABC News NSW on weekends?


Probably Nicole Chettle? I think she’s the current 3rd in-line presenter of ABC News NSW.

It’d be great if they chose Chris Bath, but along with her radio commitments I think she might want to do things other than newsreading these days.


Mary Gearin is presenting ABC News at Five and the Victorian news tonight.


I remember Jeremy Fernandez being a regular presenter in the early days of News 24. I think he presented afternoon bulletins quite frequently, with a separate stint on Afternoon Live a few years ago.


Wednesday & Thursday -

Paul Higgins is presenting ABC News at Five and Victorian bulletin.

Edit -
Tamara said on her twitter she is prepping and rehearsing for election coverage on Saturday night.


Jenny Woodward returned from holidays to present weather in Queensland tonight.


Gemma Veness presented a special 5.30pm bulletin for Victorian viewers today before the state election coverage, and also the late news after the coverage ended early at 10.15pm AEDT.


Not sure if this has been mentioned, but Gloria Kalache left ABC News Victoria earlier this month to join SBS


Gloria actually started her job at SBS on October 31 according to this tweet.


Monday - Tuesday:
Jeremy Fernandez presented the NSW bulletin.


Wednesday -

Kirsten Aiken is presenting ABC News at Five.

Mary Gearin is presenting in Victoria tonight.