ABC News Presenters and Reporters


Monday -
Guy Stayner’s first night presenting in Tasmania tonight.


Jeremy Fernandez presented in NSW tonight as well.

Full bulletin)



19 and 20/10/2018:

Narda Gillmore is presenting in Canberra.


James Hancock is presenting the weather filling in for Paul Higgins tonight.


He reads the weather too slow.
Nate Byrne is still in Sydney for the Invictus Games.


Monday - Wednesday :

James Hancock is presenting the weather in Victoria.


Thursday & Friday -
Lara Hyams presented the weather in Victoria.

She was filling in for Nate Byrne on News Breakfast this week.


Paul Higgins back presenting weather in Victoria tonight.


SA Sports presenter Neil Cross is presenting tonight’s bulletin.



Bev O’connor has been doing the late news on 24 for a few weeks. She’s great!


Tara Cassidy out of Mackay had a package air on News 24.

Very well presented, quite a commercial look, however, voice needs a lot of coaching and work to mature.


Kath Robinson is on Evenings tonight. Is she just freelancing?


Uh, she regularly fills in on News 24.


Yeah, I know but what does she do for the rest of her contract? Report?


Candice Prosser presented tonight’s SA bulletin.



Seems a bit drastic…

Does he not realise he can just change his twitter handle?