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Weather starting at 7:24 tonight.


Paul Higgins: “Beautiful day to play golf Hendo, If only things went to plan”


So he can say goodbye to the audience duh


Really? I didn’t know!


You kidding me? The sarcasm detector is off the charts!


Highlight package with some old footage! A lot from the early 2000s.



Paul Higgins: “Farewell Hendo with my heartiest good wishes!”

“Thats it, for me the end of a long and happy stint at the abc. thanks for welcoming me into your homes for all these years, it has been a rare privilege and pleasure. Together we have welcomed the high and lows. From tomorrow i’ll be on the other side of the TV Screen” "For now my best wishes and goodnight

dun dun dun I’m Karina Carvalho.


Karina Carvalho.


Full set of caps.


Alright… but you missed Karina Carvalho!


and Full Bulletin:


I think Hendo and everyone at the ABC will be breathing a sigh of relief that his last bulletin went smoothly.


Not good enough, it’s not HD like mine


you can also see he was trying to hide back tears


A short promo for Tamara and Mary aired after the bulletin.
Wonderful farewell package for Ian and heartfelt words from Ian signing off for the last time.
The bulletin will be in very safe hands with Tamara.


Full Bulletin in HD


Saturday -
Mary Gearin’s first night in her new role as Weekend Newsreader in Victoria.


Here’s a video of her first night:

Plus, the news promo featuring the new presenting line-up: