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Exactly and like he said on his radio interviews, he’s not “retiring” as such. But he can’t handle the daily news cycle anymore and is retiring from the ABC. He’s said he’s gong to keep “his tools tuned” and hasn’t ruled out special stories etc with or for anyone who approaches him.


ABC News executive editor Craig McMurtrie apologised for the mishap.
“I’m embarrassed by what happened, but he is such a gentleman, the way he took it in his stride was humbling,” he said.
“There’s no way we’ll let him go without a proper goodbye and I invite everyone to watch tomorrow night for the farewell he so richly deserves.”

Confirmation that he will present tomorrow night as well:

However, the 65-year-old will say goodbye. He will return to present one last bulletin on Friday night



Why does ABC Melbourne always seem to have these show stopping disasters which inevitably end up with them having to cut to Sydney for the rest of the bulletin?


If I’m not mistaken, most of the ABC’s 7pm news bulletins have experienced these major, switch to another market-necessary technical problems at some point in the not too distant past.


News Breakfast, which comes from the same desk, started 30 minutes late last week due to problems. The studio regularly has issues. I know in the past, they’ve flown either Micheal or Virginia up to Sydney and kept one in Melb in case they needed to use the Sydney studio instead. I’m not sure what the problems are.





They switched back to ABC News 24 and not NSW on the ABC News channel.


Two that instantly come to mind were the occasions earlier this year that NSW had to run the Canberra bulletin and Tasmania having to run the NSW bulletin (on separate nights, obviously).

There have no doubt been others, but I’m not here to make a list of every time a 7pm edition of ABC News has failed and a switch to another state/territory’s edition was necessary!


If I remember correctly sometimes the QLD news, SA news and Victorian news came from Perth before due to tech issues. Similarly the QLD took the WA news once with Karina Carvalho due to tech difficulties.

WA also took the Sydney bulletin at some stage this year due to technical problems.


And it happens to Seven and Nine as well. Both have been forced to show part of their Sydney bulletin into Melbourne at 6pm in the last year or so.



‘Good evening, Ian Henderson with ABC News. Now let’s have another go at this.’


“Lets have another go at this” I love his enthusiasm


I vote we should have a thread dedicated to hendo


Hendo said sorry for the confusion last night and that he is back for another encore. He claims that the bulletin tonight is now ‘safe’


“I am back for encore performance tonight”


Hendo just proved how good of a newsreader he is by showing us that even ABC readers can banter a bit. He will be missed.


No dirty fingernails tonight :laughing: