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ABC News Victoria studio shots and graphics in HD tonight. Is this the first night in HD?


Interesting development - got any screencaps?

The NSW bulletin is still entirely upconverted SD, while I’m also trying to figure out what happened to their videowall. Did it die and couldn’t be replaced due to budgetary issues? Repurposed in another studio?

Only about two camera angles are used for the 7pm NSW bulletins these days (which needless to say, can get a bit boring after a while), while the chroma key weather presentation used on weeknights looks FAR from ready for HD with a noticeable outline around the presenters.


Correct my if I am wrong, but I thought the whole part of the Melbourne studio redevelopment meant that everything would be in HD when the redevelopment finished?


Sorta. The control room was still in SD for the news studio. Interested to see if this has changed.


HD Graphics and studio cameras tonight!
Finally Melbourne has caught up.

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ABC News NSW is still entirely SD.

Although remembering that you guys in Victoria got your current set a few weeks before we got ours in 2014 and with Studio 24 (7.30) already HD, I wonder if an upgrade of Studio 23 at Ultimo is in the pipeline…




The package looks so much better in HD, just as it was meant to be.
That only leaves 10 Melbourne to catch up.


Of course up here, 10 News First bulletins has some elements in HD.

The big question now is this: Will Sydney or Melbourne be awarded with the honour of being the first metropolitan market or Australia (an historical milestone which really should’ve been achieved years ago TBH) to have local news bulletins in HD across all networks? :wink:


I’m going to predict Melbourne.
If ABC News Sydney is still running in SD completely then I assume it would take quite a while to do that full conversion.

Actually, having said that, 10 News First is still in full SD in Melbourne too… I’m going to assume that they have already lodged to get new HD equipment. @lexington any insight?

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First the field cameras, then the studio for the upgrades.


Saturday night was the first Melbourne HD night.


A few caps from last night’s ABC News NSW, including some of the on-set interview with state political reporter Brigid Glanville which is notable, because as a result we got about three more shots of the set than the usual of late:

Also, some snapshots which prove why an upgrade to HD can’t come soon enough (along with what I’ve been saying about the videowall being missing - hopefully someone can shed some light on this for us):

Believe me when I say that the digital artefacts look even worse on TV than they do in these compressed stills! :confused:


I reckon they moved the Video wall to the new Drum studio.


I’m a bit surprised that nobody here mentioned that last night’s special early edition of ABC News NSW appeared to be presented from the news channel studio - note the two microphones (Studio 23 only has one) and the duller backdrop screen/lighting!

The bulletin & election coverage were likely played out from different control rooms as well, Here’s a couple of full resolution caps from the very start of the coverage:

Of course the presentation of yesterday’s special 5.30pm NSW bulletin likely would’ve been due to some of the usual NSW 7pm news Studio 23 resources being reallocated to the Election coverage (while the coverage was probably in HD due to it being treated like an OB), but still mildly interesting observations nonetheless…


Where is this?
If this is in ABC HQ then imagine if ABC News NSW moved to this space!


In the foyer at Ultimo.


State Election segment with Antony Green presented from the newsroom (I don’t think we see ABC Sydney’s newsroom on-air too often, so I think it’s worth posting a cap of this) during tonight’s ABC News Sunday NSW:

Also while I’m here, a “blink and you would’ve missed it” minor blooper:

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ABC News Channel live videobox on the right side of the screen today.


And another opportunity today, when the Sydney Airport Tower was evacuated due to smoke alarms. Take a look:

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