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Southern Tasmania is taking the Victorian bulletin this evening due to technical problems.



ABC news at Five still scheduled on the main channel next week?



Standing presentation for tonight’s opener in NSW, not so great lighting

and straight after that story, a blooper with their reporter unable to hear Juanita.

Same style in Queensland



Joe O’Brien on the ground in Townsville for ABC News tonight.

Can we expect the QLD bulletin to go to air on the news channel tonight?

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Caps of Late News:

5pm Update from Queensland:



Late News tonight:



ABC News NT:

Tom Maddocks is now presenting weekdays with Emilie Gramanz on weekends, as both primary presenters are now on maternity leave

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Late News tonight:



Interesting that that there were no sports stories on ABC News Victoria tonight despite a Vic Open golf preview report being shown on at least the ABC Nightly News at 11pm.

There was a report on Darren Weir’s suspension, but that’s moved into a news story rather than sports report.

And again today, 7/2. It’s refreshing.



ACT news being shown in NSW tonight.



Which is something I don’t like. I means I have to switch to ABC News channel or Twitter accounts of Seven News Melbourne for sport reports.



I’m a bit on the fence, if there isn’t anything worth reporting it means more in depth news reports, but totally understand where you’re coming from.

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I know all news services are bound to have technical problems from time to time, but ABC NSW having to switch to the ACT bulletin for the 2nd time in less than three months (and at least the third in less than a year)?! :confused:

Thankfully from what I saw, at least they were at least able to get Graham Creed presenting a weather forecast with decent info for Sydney/NSW.



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ABC News at Noon is now being shown on ABC TV on Saturday and Sunday.



It has been there at least since Jan 2018.

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I only found this out last week.

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Eleni Roussos and Amy Culpitt return from maternity leave in 6 months.
A shame Tom Maddocks left. He was a good reader

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Budget 2019

Tuesday 2 April

ABC Coverage on TV, iview, radio and online

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From 7.30pm to 9pm, Leigh Sales will be hosting the ABC’s budget coverage directly from Parliament House on ABC TV and ABC NEWS.

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