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Can’t believe that went to air! A few people need to be hauled over the coals for that one, including the presenter.


Why? Not really a big drama in the scheme of things, I’ve hardly seen it mentioned anywhere other then it being brought to the attention of HYBPA.

Tamara explains what happened here:


That’s because no one’s watching! :grin:


If anything, it’s The Drum that screwed this up.


How so? Surely the network (and Mediahub) knows what time shows will be on? Do you have some inside info? Did the Drum finish unexpectedly early? I’m curious.


The Project showed a similar one from Today Extra of Sonia and David yesterday with a hair stylist in shot, Sonia with messy hair and David rambling while looking at his phone. :joy:



Actually if the Victorian mishap really was a network wide one, there might be some video of presenters in other states caught out.

Go Media Spyers!


Imagine what would’ve happened if the presenter had been caught fondling a pen.


Just oh so droll. So clever.


ABC News SA looks like it’s coming from the Perth studio tonight…


Someone tell me what’s wrong with this video title facepalms


Although Sydney had a very iconic TV newsreader who’s nickname was Hendo (due to Henderson also being his last name), it wasn’t Ian! :confused:


Amy Culpitt is still presenting in Darwin, with Eleni Roussos to return early this year when Amy goes on maternity leave.


Hard to believe these sets are all 5 years old very soon! The Melbourne set debuted in January 2014.


Yes, however they have been keeping them updated, with new technology and different canvases on the sides


Hopefully I’m not being too annoying by asking this but aside from Studio 24 (7.30 studio, which switched over in September) has there been any further progress on the upgrading of ABC News’ dozen or so TV studios around the country to HD?

And yes, I know it’s probably not the biggest of priorities for the national broadcaster when they’ve had major budget cuts in recent years and it’s not something that particularly effects the quality of their journalism. But IMO, it’d even be good to just have in-studio cameras/graphics in HD initially with 1080i reports & live crosses coming later on.


IMO the VIC and NSW sets have aged the worst out of the lot.


All cameras are in HD now and are robotic, similar to what we see at Nine Perth. It’s just the play-out equipment downscaling it to 576p, however all studios should now broadcast in 1080i.


Not sure if there’s a better thread to put this one about the ABC News website.

Earlier today I saw this story (By Alex Easton) but didn’t read it…

…then this which is actually a separate story about the same incident/topic (this version By Alexis Moran):

Embarassing (at the least); definitely the left hand not knowing what the right hand is dojng. Perhaps cuts to editorial/supervision at ABC News have gone too far?


The funny thing is that the second article links to the first.