ABC News Content and Appearance

ABC News Victoria running its first stateline package tonight. You have to laugh, it’s a story from SA. And the stateline logo is just a generic map of Australia thing. Doesn’t take much thinking to know it needs to be localised for your state - eg the old shard ABC elections logos.

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The Stateline story appeared online earlier today.

I thought it was going to be a Friday night thing?

The first item on tonight’s Victorian bulletin is a Stateline report on teacher shortage in the state’s schools.

There will also be an extended bulletin this Friday (February 2) featuring an interview with Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan.


Appears most states got extended bulletins tonight featuring Stateline interviews with their states Premier (or in the NT’s case Chief Minister). It was mentioned at the end of SA’s interview that there would be a monthly Stateline interview with a political leader.


This is the new studio space for ABC News Sydney, faces directly onto Parramatta Square (along the top of the image) with what appears to be a wall of windows. A larger space than I had expected but I guess they need to fit in a control room, storage, dressing/makeup rooms etc on the same level.

I will be in Parramatta on Monday so will try to walk past to get some photos (if there’s even anything to see…)


Looks really good! Wonder if it will be a standing or sitting desk?


Probably standing since every other set (Except NC, Melbourne and Parliament House for obvious reasons) got standing desks. IMO some of the standing desks are done well. NSW is one that is currently not done well.

Still got a feeling they will just present from Perth for a few weeks while they shift the NSW set over, especially if it is a cheaper option.


Unfortunately nothing to see at this stage :frowning:


breaks through door




ABC News South Australia, broadcasting from Kaurna land in Adelaide, last night had 2 local VOs in the entire bulletin. Full reports on the Tasmanian election, and on Albo getting engaged. Even covered Taylor Swift being in Australia.

Honestly what’s the point of the local 7pms anymore, maybe going national would be a good way to better allocate resources.


You could joke about not much happening in Adelaide. But that’s pretty bad. There should absolutely be more local news than that in a city that size.

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You could, but there was plenty on yesterday, there were a few local politics stories that didn’t rate a mention for example .

I can’t even imagine what the NT or Canberra bulletins must be like.

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Even on Christmas Day, Seven and Nine manage to produce at least four-five local stories in an hour long bulletin.

ABC claims that they are pushing for a more digital focus, however, there are only about 5-6 stories in the past day for SA.

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Maybe the ABC could sell off their huge building in Adelaide and pay for some more local journalists.

That’s a big building to produce two reader voice over stories!

They’ve got plenty of journalists, it’s higher up making the call about what goes in.

I think that building only has like 2 floors of ABC, I know there’s a lot of Federal Government in there, and Channel 44.

Exactly, not to mention their social media is lacking locally.
I just don’t get what’s going on.

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They have two TV studios, one for news, one for channel 44 and state elections, two newsrooms for BTN and ABC News, and offices and studios for ABC Radio. I think it may be three floors, but quite a bit is leased out to channel 44 and other companies.

Victoria is no better. Can’t remember the last time I saw what used to be a routine courts story (much like the tabloids at 6, they now only cover the crime but never the trial), state politics might get a couple of minutes but the production values are in the toilet (no more framed PTCs outside Parliament House). Nothing of value and no real reason to turn it on anymore. Instead we get generic national filler content which recently has been some bizarre series about mental health which is more of an ABC Everyday/local radio afternoons thing.

I’ve found since the sacking of Probyn the federal politics coverage is also very diminished. The daily wrap made for adults isn’t a thing anymore. You might get something late in the rundown framed around another issue. And it’s more often done my Matt Doran who is fine but not 7pm bulletin seniority. Compare this to the BBC News at 6 and 10 and you still have a political editor doing in depth packages and live crosses.

Most days the Victorian homepage on ABC News online is full of national, NSW or more irrelevant generic filler content. You’d be lucky to find two or three Victorian stories on it.

I was worried Justin Stevens was going to wreck the joint when he was appointed, wish I wasn’t proved right. He nearly killed what was great about 7:30 (which is slowly being rebuilt by Sarah and the new EP) and now he’ll finish the job with ABC News.

I’ve largely given up on the 7pm. I’m the younger demo the ABC should be trying to lock in. I just wish SBS on demand would let you ‘start over’ a program that’s already underway as I’d love to sit down for tea at 6:50 and watch the start of their bulletin.