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Yeah. The bones are great, it just need larger screens, updated loops (and one for nighttime) and maybe a bit more versatility by bringing back the old alternative presentation spots.


Kathryn Robinson hosting Weekend Breakfast with Andrew Geoghegan this weekend.


There have been a few different camera angles used lately, a couple of examples here:

Blooper here:


Those look a hell of a lot better than how they normally frame shots and makes the sets look a little better, though all ABC News sets need to be replaced or a refresh at the very least.


The inside word from deep within the Ultimo bunker is that the news channel is now using Mosart automation and there are new cameras so they’re trying out a few new camera angles.

The cameras also have the ability to elevate as well as pan and tilt so there’s more movement now in the opening and closing shots.

So there you go… that’s why things are looking a little unusual.


Is this window to the side new?


It’s always had a window there, not often that lit up with sunlight like that.

I wish they would fix that lighting on the desk, it’s way too dark.


They need to fix the entire set. Keep the layout but new lighting, backdrop, panels and maybe desk.


The set hasn’t served them well, but they need something new. So,thing that allows a variety of camera angles and standup presenting. Joe is one of channel’s strongest anchors and I think he in particular could make the studio his own if he was able to ditch the desk for some segments.


Blooper on this afternoon’s 3pm bulletin opener.


Kathryn Robinson hosting Weekend Breakfast with Andrew Geoghegan again this weekend.


Nadia Daley is presenting tonight’s Saturday bulletins.


Yes, it’s time to update the set. It’s been in good form for almost 8.5 years, but the ABC might need to start looking at an upgrade.


Bourchier on NC today.


29-12-18 / 30-12-18 -

Celina Edmonds will be hosting Weekend Breakfast with Andrew Geoghegan this weekend.


Amy Greenbank will be hosting Weekend Breakfast with Andrew Geoghegan this weekend.


Richelle Harrison Plesse is presenting tonight’s bulletins, has she presented before?


The ABC News is currently having technical difficulties, started to freeze and drop audio during a report. Only the watermark/clock was working fine.

Currently showing a loop of pictures.

Edit: Returned at 12:19PM with an apology “for the interruption to our transmission”.


Weekend Breakfast looking particularly bleak this morning with most of the set’s lights turned off. They really need to sort this out. Sigh.


Josh Zepps will be hosting Weekend Breakfast with Johanna Nicholson this weekend.