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ABC News Presenters and Reporters
'Everyday there's something new' ABC News Channel current theme song?
ABC News Presenters and Reporters
ABC News Presenters and Reporters

Who is Jamelle Wells? She’s presenting 24 atm but I’ve never seen her anywhere on the ABC before.


Sydney courts reporter I believe. She seems to present on News 24 occasionally on weekends.


Special news bulletin on ABC News 24 at 10pm AWST, obviously due to the fires in WA.


Scott Bevan finished on ABC News 24 yesterday afternoon to focus on his music career.


Former South Australian presenter is hosting bulletins on News 24 tonight… Can’t think of her name.


Anita Savage.


News24 should be airing the WA bulletin as the fire emergency continues.


James Hird exclusive interview

Live this Sunday 17 January at 7.40pm AEDT

Former Essendon Football Club coach to speak to ABC NewsRadio’s Tracey Holmes.

ABC News 24 will broadcast an exclusive live interview with former Essendon Football Club coach, James Hird, this Sunday evening.

Hird has said the interview, at the invitation of The Ethics Centre in Sydney, will be his only detailed comment on the sport doping scandal which enveloped the club in 2012. The case culminated today with a ruling by the Court for Arbitration of Sport which banned 34 current and former players for a year.

The 50 minute interview will be conducted by ABC NewsRadio’s Tracey Holmes before a live audience at The Ethics Centre in Sydney. It will be broadcast live on ABC News 24 from 7.40 pm AEDT on Sunday 17 January, and simulcast on ABC NewsRadio.

The court’s decision to uphold an appeal by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority has rocked the AFL and the wider sporting community. Twelve current Essendon players have been banned along with five who now play for other clubs.

Hird served a 12 month suspension and later resigned his coaching position at Essendon as the saga dragged on over three years.


Anita Savage has been presenting national bulletins on ABC Local Radio on weekend afternoons.


Jeremy Fernandez has joined Gemma Verness at the desk for rolling coverage on the Jakarta terror attack. Thank God. She is pretty darn hopeless.


Since recently you’ve been able to rewind the stream on YouTube for 4 hours, which is useful to see the latest headlines. Unfortunately the quality’s changed to 240p though :confused:


Here’s some behind the scenes shots from Planet America rehearsals today.
Back this weekend with an all new set, and some new titles too.


Planet America caps


As posted in Q&A thread, Q&A will be shown live on ABC News 24 in QLD, SA, WA and NT when it returns tonight. As the result, Lateline will not air in those regions on Monday nights on the channel.
This could be the first time the channel has split programming.


It will be interesting to see how they transition back to regular programming on News24, as all other programming is national. Also seeing as it isn’t airing on 24 in NSW, VIC and TAS.


When Q&A finished last night on the main channel, I immediately switched to ABC News 24 which was showing a story on The World. Then host Beverley O’Connor reappeared and read the headlines. So it would have been a cold switchover.


Not a good look for an ABC newsreader or for anyone really. The tit shirt. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh dear…


Saw on News Breakfast this morning that they have updated the Parliament House studio. It looks very good and they showed a time lapse of the renovation. Couldn’t get a cap but found this on Twitter.