ABC News (Channel)


ABC’s Sydney server caught on fire (yes literally) so NT did the news for them. (Info from a reliable source)


usually they show Canberra or Melbourne!


ABC NSW did go to ACT news per this check.

Not sure why ABC News went to QLD and NT, other than the fact that the two bulletins are a guaranteed hour of coverage that Sydney could use to recover.


They had to take Queensland and NT because the Sydney servers weren’t up and running.

Content for Matter of Fact was hot rolled out of edit suites and Melbourne took over as usual for The World at 10.


Whoa. You know something is very, very wrong if all your sources are straight from edit.


Matter of Fact has ended


I don’t know why they needed to axe the show when they could’ve just kept the show and get someone else to host it. I prefer to watch Matter of Fact over The Drum which is the most Left leaning ABC News show. But i’m pretty sure most of the users here want Lateline back. But we all know that’s not going to happen.


Had a feeling it was the last episode of Matter Of Fact, I noticed that there were credits at the end which I thought was unusual.


What’s going in the 9pm timeslot?


From an ABC news release a week or so ago;

Jeremy Fernandez and Karina Carvalho – Monday to Thursday on ABC NEWS channel from 8.00pm-9.45pm, two of Australia’s top news presenters deliver comprehensive coverage of the main stories of the day at home and abroad.


Right… so just a regular news bulletin


Seems that way…

The Drum replay moves to 7pm
And Patricia Karvelas will have a current affairs show at 4pm

Plus there’s the return of The Business at 9.45 and The World at 10


James McHale is filling in for Michael Tetlow on this morning’s bulletin.

and here’s an example of a late news bulletin with Beverly O’Connor after The World.


Quite a stark difference in the colouring of the background.


Mornings and Afternoons having been coming from the Sydney 7PM studio for the past few days.


Something interesting. The EPG fot this morning’s Mornings with Joe O’Brien says Celina Edmonds is filling in. However, Kath Robinson is actually presenting, not Joe or Celina.


Is the main NC set being used at all at the moment? Every time I look they’re using the NSW set.


Haven’t seen the NC set. Maybe they’re refurbishing it?


It’s due for one!


I hope they keep the layout the same but have a brand new newsroom backdrop and some upgraded lighting. But then this is the ABC we’re talking about, they’ll take their time.

The set has done well lasting for 8 years, but it’s time for a refresh.