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Would be quite a culture shock going from very glitzy Sky News to shoestring budgeted ABC News where everything is held together with duct tape.


That’s Southern Cross Tasmania style… :wink:
Well not anymore but you know what i mean.


So for those wondering why such a high profile TV presenter would leave and move to Australia, here’s a bit of quick research.

Her husband (who she met at ITV Westcountry) was the director of programming at At The Races (a horse racing Sky Sports channel in the UK) and then a CEO of a company that supplied outside broadcasting facilities to racecourses in the UK.

Then in 2016 he moved here with his wife and became the head of media at Tabcorp (i.e. Sky Racing). So there you go.


Couple of bloopers from last night:
This remained on the opener yet again.

Incorrect spelling of Detroit

Gloria Kalache presented The World yesterday too.

and today, Amy Greenbank is presenting 11am-6pm weekend bulletins.


Gemma Veness is presenting 11am-6pm weekend bulletins, which is unusual for her to be presenting on a weekend.

and the supers have gone haywire for a minute or so

and Lorna Dunkley is on evening bulletins


Problems with ABC News Channel graphics again


It has been like that on and off all of last week


Monday & Tuesday -
Gemma Veness presenting News at Five today.


I thought they killed the News 24 branding…


How has this video not blown up yet?


Sarah Dingle has been presenting The Drum for the past couple of days. She will be presenting for the rest of the week.

Peter van Onselen presented all of last week.


(Just realised I posted to the wrong thread but good enough)
ABC News Vic stuff up- We are getting NSW news for the night.


That technical problem also affected The World on ABC News later that night, causing it to be replaced by a Sydney bulletin.


Exclusive: Planet America to air interview with Rob Goldstone

Friday 12 October at 9pm

ABC’s Planet America has an exclusive on air interview with the man who found himself at the centre of Trump-Russia, Rob Goldstone.

Goldstone is the accidental opportunist of the Trump Russia scandal. He was everywhere. He lined up the now infamous Trump Tower meeting and sat there as a Russian lawyer offered dirt on the Democrats to Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Goldstone also booked the Moscow hotel room where Russia may or may not have obtained “kompromat” on Donald Trump during the 2013 Miss Universe competition.

Goldstone has spoken to Mueller, a Grand Jury, House and Senate investigators, and now Planet America !

Does he think President Trump knew about and approved of the meeting offering dirt on Hillary Clinton?

Could the “pee tape” be real?

Will this scandal be the end of the Trump Presidency?

The exclusive interview goes to air at 9pm on Planet America on Friday 12th October. The full interview will also air at 11.30am and 11.30pm Saturday 13th October, and 4.30am Sunday 14th October on ABC News and iview.


Hendo’s last bulletin was also shown on ABC News but they cut to ABC News and not ABC News NSW.


Now second last. :smiley:


And the 11pm bulletin on 24 was replaced by the Late Edition news.


Camera blooper during sport on the 3pm news.




The Drum hosts this week -

Monday - Wednesday
Peter van Onselen.

Thursday & Friday
Julia Baird.