ABC News (Channel)


I think it’s time to rip out the whole set and start again, starting to look pretty bad with some of the set lighting not switched on.



News Channel is streaming Peter Gee’s final bulletin

The Drum came from the Garma Festival this afternoon as well.


News Channel is now airing the SA bulletin.


Gloria Kalache anchoring now at 8pm. What is going on?


Technical problems in Sydney perhaps.


Nicole Chettle filling in for Karina Carvalho on evenings bulletins.

Kathryn Robinson filling in


Certainly seemed like it tonight, with this awkward and abrupt end to the bulletin:


That 11pm news on 24 comes from Melbourne


Gloria Kalache presenting The World.


Haven’t seen the news channel go full yellow for a while



I wouldn’t mind the top strap and bit that wraps around the side yellow, but the bottom strap and little box in the corner should just be black IMO.


Agree. And then the “Alert” box could be yellow.


Not too sure where to put this, so I’ll just put it here.

Graphic up on the ABC News website.


Updated version with Bishop thrown into the mix…


Dear lord the studio looks terrible! The lighting is hideous, the screen burn in is incredibly bad and there is constaning banging noises going to air in the background.
At least install some led lighting and then replace the screens!
On air it seems as though it’s filthy!


New presenter on the ABC News channel today? She’s amazing… Looks to have come from the BBC?


Lorna Dunkley.

She has previously worked at Sky News in UK until July 2016.


She’s fantastic, incredibly better than just about every other presenter on the channel.


Here she is presenting Sky News Sunrise with Eamonn Holmes


She’s a breath of fresh air!