ABC News (Channel)


Much better.


The AEST timestamp also seen on the Canberra feed, when it’s normally only on the NSW feed. The same clock must be going out to all feeds now:


Looks heaps better, but now there’s a gap between the ticker, super and clock!


That’s so much better. Now if they can do something about the shitty lighting in the NC studio.


Seems like they’re using a different clock to the one posted above. Was watching the channel tonight & it cycled through displaying the time in each state


Have they now moved to a national feed for 24? Was previously state based.


It’s now cycling through the time in each state/territory similar to Sky News does. However, I believe Sky only show time zones (AEST/ACST/AWST etc) rather than each state/territory, some of which are on same timezone.

No gap between flipper and clock graphic now either:

Online feed has no flipper/clock:


Online Feed now has a Flipper but no Watermark/Clock.


Good lord. The whole package hinges on the logo/clock being there! Otherwise it looks like it’s missing something and it looks dreadful when news channel content is on ABC1.


Thai cave coverage in place for Matter of Fact tonight - Jeremy Fernandez hosting.vlcsnap-2018-07-18-21h01m13s490


That backdrop really needs to be replaced. They also need to refresh the whole channel. It can be very stale watching.

Joe O’Brien is great in the morning. Sadly they’ve moved to a rotating lineup of presenters in the afternoon. Who ever does 12pm should anchor til 4. Then a bit more pace in the bulletins from 4-7pm. More live rolling coverage, with different presenting spots etc. it’s a bloody boring channel sometimes with the same scripts, packages and pre-recorded sports segments etc.


I think the content is fine - hard news of the day. Important distinction from their ‘competition’ who goes overboard with politics and opinion programming.

I agree the set and main backdrop needs a refresh, unfortunately the Melbourne set shows the ABC can’t do this stuff in house so they better get an external designer in when the update inevitably comes.


Also, unlike its competition, ABC News isn’t really intended to be viewed continuously for long periods during the day.


Jeremy Fernandez presenting Matter of Fact.

This Week in History during the ad break which has aired for a while but I believe not mentioned here


An idea ripped straight off BBC World News.



Amy Greenbank filling in for Miriam Corowa on the 11am-5pm weekend bulletins.



Happened again…


Seems that the news is coming from the NSW studio now for preparation of the by-election coverage



Terrible screen burn on the three on set displays on show during the by election coverage. Looks shocking and the ABC should fix it.