ABC News (Channel)


The 11pm bulletin has been coming out of Melbourne since the beginning of this year. Perth takes over after midnight AEST.

The Sydney studio now closes at 10pm and comes back online after 9am.


The Late News on the main channel comes out of Sydney (though from the local set usually, not the News 24 one).


As in the main news channel studio.


News Channel is using the NSW studio this morning.


Still using the NSW set as of 2PM. Interesting.


Much prefer the NSW set. Ever since the relaunch last year the national set’s lighting looks dreadfully dark.


The bones of the NC set are great, they just need to update it with bigger screens, restore a standing presentation position and fix the lighting.


The clock is overlapping the supers & ticker this morning.



Weekend Breakfast being broadcast from another studio this morning… I think the ACT news set?


Looks like it

Bulletins with Jason Om coming from the set too


Who was the fill-in presenter on Weekend Breakfast this morning?


The fill in presenter is Tom Iggulden.

and the show is definitely coming from the Canberra studio



The news channel are coming out of the canberra studio today and tomorrow morning while Sydney undergoes the installation of new equipment in the control room


Why Canberra rather than Melbourne? Seems a bit strange though I’m sure there’s a good reason.


It has to be the canberra studio as insiders and offsides will be coming from Melbourne tomorrow and they need the studio
Plus canberra is a backup studio to Melbourne, so it tests the redundancy and backup workflows


Any chance of a HD upgrade?


No HD at this stage
The studio was converted from inews to ENPS and a new video playout system


Clearly not very successfully given tonight’s technical issues!