ABC News (Channel)


And probably for neutrality reasons as well, because isn’t ABC News Canberra the technical difficulties back-up for both NSW and Victoria?


ABC News Tonight coming from Perth this evening with Michael Tetlow, presented as two half-hour bulletins instead of one full hour. The bulletin usually comes out of Melbourne.


Jenny Woodward presenting weather this afternoon with Kirsten Aiken


Stan Grant presented the Matter of Fact program live from Singapore last night whilst covering the Trump/Kim summit.


13/06/2018: John Barron presented Matter of Fact tonight with Stan live from Singapore


Ticker is MIA today.


The News Ticker is back now.


Blooper on the 10am bulletin this morning

Typing noises can first be heard, then the story about Malcolm Turnbull fails. Ros returns to the studio and says ‘that’s a surprising view of Dan Conifer there’


I hear typing noises all the time on News24 for some reason? I wouldn’t think the mics would be hot during packages.



Adrian Raschella presenting 11am-6pm weekend bulletins.



Does anyone know the Title or name of artist who sings the theme to ABC News Channel? I have googled, no luck. Why doesn’t ABC name the artists and songs they use in their promos? Listing these on their website would be a good idea.




Not the Jackson 5?


i dont think any one sings the theme to the abc news channel


I think they like to be known as The Jackson 4 now


Tamara Oudyn presenting out of Southbank by the look of things this afternoon.


Looks like the bikes were indeed having war with tonight’s 8pm opener!




Girish Sawlani presenting The World.



Greg Jennett hosting National Wrap tonight.


News Channel has been running a red breaking news strap for about 4 hours now. Don’t they have an orange ‘developing’ news strap for circumstances like this? :roll_eyes: