ABC News (Channel)


9.15pm Sunday nights.


‘The World’ is the has the worst production standards for a news program I have ever seen. So many errors tonight. Total amateur hour, just watched the reporter walk off screen at the end of the finance report towards the camera. :neutral_face:


Yep it’s pretty bad these days. It’s a shame because it used to be a very slick program back when it first launched (or relaunched?) with Jim Middleton and Zoe Daniels alongside Beverley.


Now / Next / Later lineup:


Three way live cross on the National Wrap:


Not a bad little show… saw about 15 mins.
I can see it evolving overtime, but good to see some new content on Sunday nights.



Another ABC News blooper, this time on the 2pm bulletin with a stuff up in the opener and no auto-cue at the first story.


ABC seems to be ignoring its own presentation guide and is using the red breaking news graphic for an ongoing bushfire alert, rather than developing news orange (which is being used on the ticker).


ABC News The World’s story graphics look very similar to Seven’s from late 2016.



Also, the late news showing Nine News footage.


and Seven’s


…and unless those incredibly tacky (especially for a news program in 2018!) parts have since been changed/removed, elements of The World’s current set are reminiscent of the “Sale of the (New) Century” set from 2000-01! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Celina Edmonds is co-hosting Weekend Breakfast this weekend,



Royal coverage



The World from tonight:

and 11pm bulletin - has anyone seen this person present?


No idea. The lighting is appalling off-colour so it must be coming from the NSW set and not Vic or WA where most of the late night content comes from?

Wish they’d commission another lightwell loop of a generic night cityscape for the evening and late bulletins.


That bulletin must’ve came from the Melbourne set as the Sydney one was still used for the Late News at that time. As for the presenter i remember seeing him present the Business segment on The World a couple of years ago.