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I quite like the new Matter of Fact set… it works with the late night feel of the show. And it’s unlike anything else on TV.
The new World set is the opposite - bright and glaring for that time of the evening. It’s like they’re stuck in a spaceship.


Matter of Fact looks nice but everything about The World is a retrograde step and feels completely unnecessary. Also, what is wrong with presenting The World from an ABC News set with tinkered lighting. There are seemingly several news sets across the country at the ABC which have versatile lighting arrangements so what’s the point of that hideous set for one freaking program.




The World This Week:

There are now news bulletins on weekends at 12am and 1:15am.


Supers on ABC Late News obscured by the ticker tonight.


The National Wrap:


I actually don’t mind the look of this graphics package at all, are they new?


Graphics for Matter of Fact, The World and National Wrap are new.


Today’s lineup:


A show entirely dedicated to interviewing politicians about wraps. Now that’s specialist programming.

Is there a show dedicated to the burrito?


I am more of an enchiladas person :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pita Bread, all the way.


Closest thing I can think of is Fajita Corners.


Refried Quantum?


Sorry, bit late, but is this a new programs?


Yes - last night was its first episode


I found the nAtional wrap so hard to watch, shorten may have well anchored as he had so much air time with hardly any questioning. No politician should be given such a platform!


On set interview on The World last night:


Crap set and crap lighting - it’s too bright. It seems Southbank is incapable of lighting their evening shows appropriately. The World and National Wrap should be a bit dimmer, more moody like 7:30 and even Matter I’d Fact (not to the same extent though)


When does “The National Wrap” air?