ABC News (Channel)

Weekend presenter Adrienne Francis is filling in on weeknights, while Jade Toomey filled in for Adrienne last weekend.


What the hell is going on at ABC News?

Let’s move our nightly flagship presenter to fill in on the day time bulletin and replace him at night.

That’s just insane thinking.


as per Breakfast…

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Nationwide rolling morning news is probably a bigger ‘gig’ than prime time in Canberra surely?

He might be doing both?

The post above mine says otherwise…

Missed that post, sorry.

I’m sure there’s a perfectly rational reason - maybe related to school holidays?

2024 Budget

Tuesday 14 May

7:30pm Budget 2024: The Treasurer’s Speech
Treasurer Jim Chalmers delivers his 2024 Federal Budget speech to Parliament.

8:00pm Budget 2024: An ABC News Special
Everything you need to know about the Budget. Treasurer Jim Chalmers delivers his third budget as the government weighs ongoing concern about inflation against calls for more cost-of-living relief to struggling households.

9:00pm Insiders: Budget Special
David Speers and a panel unpack the Treasurer’s third budget. The Albanese government tries to balance offering cost-of-living relief with plans for a future Made in Australia, all while an election is due in the next year.

9:30pm The Business: Budget Special
In a half hour The Business special on Budget Night, Kirsten Aiken speaks with economists, business owners and market analysts to gauge the impact of the Federal Budget and how it will affect consumers and the economy.


Wonder is Sarah Ferguson will be involved again. She isn’t mentioned above, hope she isn’t being pushed aside for Speers.

Is there a new set?

Last night Yvonne Young presented from somewhere unfamiliar to me and now tonight Kath Robinson looks to be somewhere different?

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Possibly from Parramatta?


Well if so, it’s gone unnoticed here lol.

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No it looks like she is presenting from the standing desk.


However not sure about last night as Yvonne presents from Melbourne and Kath presents from Sydney.


Right. Thanks.

That’s a weird little podium.


They use an identical podium for The World in Melbourne as well.


live crosses you never know what to expect, maybe get that bloke with the megaphone to work for the abc


The 6PM News hour cut short tonight.

Foreign Correspondent in at 6:30pm.

Back to normal tomorrow.



Also Eleni Russous is doing the weather from Darwin.

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