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My problem with ABC NC in its current form isn’t that it’s left or right (in fact, for those who thinks it’s far too left clearly haven’t seen the times the likes of PK and Speers scrutinise Labor’s shenanigans in recent times, so much so that the lefties on Twitter are calling them out as right wing nutters, says it all really).

My problem with it is that it’s deathly boring. I get it’s a news channel, but surely there’s a way to make it more interesting and engaging apart from token analysis shows like The World, The Business sandwiched between the bulletins, 7.30 encores and other useless themed shows like ‘The Virus’, or ‘The (Blank)’ that seems to be money wasters rather than providing useful discourse.

The one thing I have always found with the ABC is that it’s never obvious how a presenter would vote. Compared to Sky News where you’d have no doubt that they are Liberal voters.

A lot of it has to do with the dramatically less personal opinion found on the ABC.

Apart from Breakfast and Drive it just sounds like podcasts.

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Or One Nation/UAP voters depending on who you see.

Oh Sorry @Tom_TV7 I was thinking of ABC RN.

I agree the news channel could really do with some better resourcing to allow for bulletins which vary a little more between each hour, and some more anchor programmes with good analysis etc.


I think that’s kind of the fashion atm… the BBC News channel is similar. Far fewer reports, far too much ‘analysis’ (which isn’t really analysis, but a junior reporter pointing at a screen in the newsroom), and really long, meandering interviews repeated every hour. Like anything it’s obviously being done to save money… but it just makes for such a mediocre product.


Saw this zoom popup when they were interviewing someone this afternoon then a mouse pointer came on and closed it


ABC premieres weekly special series India Votes 2024 ahead of elections for the world’s largest democracy

ABC International and the ABC’s Asia Pacific Newsroom deliver a new six-part series investigating the critical concerns and complex issues as almost a billion voters prepare for India’s 2024 general election.


As the world’s largest democracy goes to the polls, the ABC News team goes beyond the headlines and daily coverage to reveal the issues and topic that impact nearly one billion voters across India. With new episodes released weekly, India Votes 2024 explores the influence of politics on citizens, unravels the major figures involved and addresses key issues frequently overlooked by mainstream media.

The series begins by looking at the intricacies of the nation of 1.4 billion people with 15 million poll workers involved in the upcoming election. Through informative explainers, viewers will learn about the world’s largest democratic exercise, the political and campaign funding, the evolving media landscape and use of propaganda. Later episodes will address the views and voting opinions of young voters, marginalised communities, regions impacted by turmoil and ethnic conflict, and Indian diaspora from across the world.

By speaking with politicians, analysts and voters from across the country, India Votes 2024 provides an in-depth report with context and clarity during the election period. The team will also examine Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bid for a third term, and his opposition in Rahul Gandhi and the newly formed opposing bloc, the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (I.N.D.I.A).

India Votes 2024 has been produced by ABC’s Asia Pacific Newsroom led by executive producer Mosiqi Acharya, supervising producer Girish Sawlani and featuring Hannah Jose as the series’ reporter and presenter.

ABC Asia Pacific Newsroom’s chief of staff, Mosiqi Acharya said: “It is an exciting time in Indian politics as the world’s largest democracy heads to elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking a historic third term and there’s new opposition on the bloc, led by Congress scion Rahul Gandhi. Join us as our team of reporters in India provide you with a ringside view of the biggest issues and stories on ground.”

ABC International Head Claire M. Gorman added: “India Votes 2024 is a skillfully produced series from the ABC NEWS team, demonstrating the incredible work of the reporters in delivering insightful and important coverage. We are delighted to present this program to ABC Australia TV audiences and through our digital site, ABC Asia, for audiences across the broader region. With detailed commentary on complex political issues and extensive interviewing with voters, this series is not to be missed as India prepares for this major election.”

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The main desk in the news studio hasn’t been used at all today.


Afternoons have been like this for a while now.


Melbourne uses a similar desk (or an exact copy) for The World and The World This Week.


Why do they use this over the normal desk?

Kathryn is a great anchor. I think she is better suited to the live rolling news stuff vs breakfast fluffier stuff


I completely agree that Kathryn is a great anchor, although she is also more than brilliant at the “fluffier stuff” as well. Quite simply, she has the confidence and experience to perform any of the serious ABC roles with aplomb. Her chief attributes being her vibrant personality and an unfazed naturalness.

Kath is the consummate team player, who can (and has had to)work with a variety of co-presenters, who clearly love working with her. Always well-prepared, Kath is at her best when conducting open-ended interviews.

For the last five weeks (since being “removed” from Weekend Breakfast, Kath and Ros Childs have virtually taken over the daytime News Channel (9am-4pm) … for mine, the ABC’s two strongest female News presenters at work!



He’s just been told his next appearance won’t be for a while and was handed the ABC presenting bingo card.

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Get him a riser or something maybe so it’s not so obvious how low he sits (I know why obviously but you’ve got to use the set to it’s fullest no?)

Could put him in front of the big screen

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