ABC Local Radio

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Like they treat their managing directors

So they don’t warn people their houses are about the burn down because it might interrupt them listening to the cricket? :thinking:


Similar, however, Michelle Guthrie was given more notice than most are in the abc when they’re sidelined.


Hobart is very fortunate that they don’t have to suffer the reduction of local content the metros have with the out of place Myf Warhurst show.

Straight from Country Hour to World Today then into local afternoons.

For a small state, they enjoy a great run of local content across radio and TV.


I just wish I could get the Hobart broadcast a bit more from our place either that or I wish ABC Northern Tasmania would get rid of Saturday Night Country, even though I’m not a fan of Sarah on the Nightlife, it’s still easier listening to that than the country music which Hobart doesn’t get. Wonder if there’s any changes to the lineups in the North, one thing we noticed last week with the tour of the Launceston facilities was how grumpy the breakfast presenter looked! She pretty much had a scowl the whole time we were there. Not a fan of her either, she’s probably picked up on that. All the other staff there were amazing, very friendly.


Can you pick up 774 from Melbourne where you are? Given how well northern Tas AM comes into Victoria I’d have thought Victorian AM would come in quite well to northern Tassie, especially the high powered 3LO


Can do across most of the area but for some reason our place is in a bit of a dead spot for that one. Just gets some interference from something, not sure why but yeah can get 3LO quite well and other Gippsland stations and other regions quite clearly at night, often some of the NSW ones and I’ve had SA and QLD stations before too with the right conditions.


You can always stream most of the ABC Local stations from around the country too.

I do prefer terrestrial radio, but listening to long distance AM radio at night is prone to fading in and out and other interference


First few minutes of Meshel Laurie starting today on ABC Melbourne Radio summer breakfast:


She didn’t break into radio with Nova 106.9. She was part of the launch team at Star 104.5 Gosford.


Radio Yesterday have never been accurate with details. No surprise.


For those interested - here’s a sample of ABC’s Christmas / New Year local radio lineup based on their online schedules. Both PM and The World Today are on break. Based on AEDT.

6am -10am Statewide Breakfast shows (except Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day). Josh Zepps hosting National Breakfast program those days.
10am - 1pm National Mornings with Prue Bentley / Lisa Leong.
1pm - 4pm National Afternoons with Annie Gaffney (ex Sunshine Coast).
4pm - 7pm National Drive with Narelle Graham (ex Adelaide).
7pm - 10pm National Evenings with Lisa Pellegrino (ex Adelaide) / Tony Arthur (ex Wollongong).
Also Christine Anu is also doing an hour long national Christmas Special on Christmas Eve at 9pm.
10pm - 2am Nightlife with Melanie Tait / Fiona Poole.
2am - 6am Overnights with Rod Quinn / Michael Pavlich.

On weekends:

5.30am - 10am Australia All Over with Paul West.
10am - 12pm National Weekend Mornings with Simon Marnie (ex Sydney).

And a couple of quick Queensland notes until mid-January -

*Loretta Ryan currently hosting Statewide Summer Breakfast program.
*Bill McDonald is hosting the Statewide Saturday Summer Breakfast program.


Scott Lamond has filled in the last few years, why not this year?


No budget for local programming on Boxing Day on ABC Brisbane. 3rd biggest city in Aus with no local commercial programming and they couldn’t find the cash for a production team.

Thurs and only budget for a statewide bfast program, nothing local to the capital and no Brisbane drive program.

Worse still, the newsroom finished up local bulletins at midday. Afternoon and drive bulletins national in content and presented from interstate. Even 4BC is running local afternoon bulletins.

ABC is already far too under resourced. Sack the middle management in their protected species roles in Sydney and Melb and free up for programming where it’s needed most.


Err, don’t all cities go into national programming this week?


They may very well do do, but is that good enough?

Local metro bfast and drive should be the minimum.

Bulletins from a local metro newsroom from 5am - 7pm should remain the minimum.

ABC are cutting corners, cutting budgets on the programming instead of the staff in Syd and Melb offices that directly contribute nothing to program output or quality. ABC is too reluctant to face those sacred cows.


There’s hardly any news, particularly local news this week. They can barely produce an interesting national show this time of year, let alone anything local.

And national radio between Christmas and new year has been happening for a lot longer than the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison cutbacks.


I agree.

With all this national programming, heaven help us if there’s ever an emergency over the Christmas/New Year period which requires a local station (or stations) to run their own rolling coverage.


They’ve always managed local coverage during disasters before. Even late Sunday nights they have managed to air localised updates by cutting into the feed to broadcast what they need.

I wouldn’t be too worried about that.


Presenters and producers are on standby for both updates and rolling coverage. Melbourne required updates on Christmas Day 2015 following the Wye River fires.


Are some regions receiving a national breakfast program still? ABC Tas has had John X doing a statewide breakfast running from 6 to 10 instead of the usual 5:30 - 8:30 and then it leads into the national programming. They will also always break into programming if their emergency broadcasting is required for any flooding or fires. This will usually come from either Launceston or Hobart, I guess wherever they can find someone willing to work at short notice or is sometimes a producer or someone from the newsroom rather than one of their normal presenters.