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Here’s the answer:

Statewide bfast is on air in Qld and NSW, in Qld, the time is 5 - 9am to fit the national schedule.


A couple of other minor Summer updates:

Lisa Leong is now doing National Weekend Mornings.
Warwick Long is now filling in on Australia All Over.
Lucille Cutting and Mike Noga will be doing National Evenings next week.

And on NYE - Richard Glover is doing a Year in Review special at 6pm, followed by a two hour program from the Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland with Sheridan Stewart.


I assume this was listening online or via digital outlets given the Cricket would have been on to proclude any local content from 9AM-5:30PM on the analogue signal.


Correct, I listen via digital radio, Bill still had a lot of callers, good to know audience seeks the alternative to the cricket



I met him a few times as a kid, I think my grandfather was pretty good friends with him being an avid gardener in Launceston himself, I never realised how popular he was until much later on but I did recognise him as that guy on the TV.

Well done Peter on a great career with both TV and radio, Saturday mornings won’t be the same without his voice on the talkback but he sure did have a lot of fans and good knowledge.


Cyclone around Cape York, Gulf of Carpentaria.

There’s more distance from Brisbane to there than there is to Melb.

This morning, ABC audience all across Qld, many in severe drought were subjected to lengthy updates of zero relevance to their area.

Very frustrated at the ABC’s lack of resourcing over summer. Retain a Brisbane/sth Qld bfast show and leave another for the north. It’s simply irrelevant.


Some Summer Presenter and schedule updates for the next couple of weeks - based on the online EPGs.

The World Today and PM return from Monday at their usual times.

10am - 1pm National Mornings will now be Marc Fennell (ex Sydney).
1pm - 4pm National Afternoons will now be Rebecca De Unamuno (ex Sydney).
7pm - 10pm M-T National Evenings will now be Bern Young (ex Gold Coast) / F-S Tatjana Clancy (ex Canberra).
10pm - 2am Nightlife with Melanie Tait.
2am - 6am M-T Overnights with Michael Pavlich / F-S Rod Quinn.

On Weekends:

10am - 12pm National Mornings with Sophie Longden.
Macca returns to Australia All Over.

Also each state will have a Statewide Drive program from Monday for the next two weeks from 4pm - 6.30pm.

And a few Queensland notes (to the current point):

*Terri Begley is currently hosting the 5am - 9am Brisbane Breakfast summer program.
*Nicole Dyer is currently hosting the 5am - 9am Gold Coast Breakfast summer program.
*Meech Phillpot is currently hosting the 5am - 9am Breakfast summer program for the rest of regional Queensland (ex Mackay).


About time!

World Today has been off air for far too long. They used to have a half hour format for all days save the three public holidays. Yes, there is news still to review and report during the holiday weeks.

Newcastle’s breakfast program with two hosts is yet to begin, so for three weeks, Paul Culliver from ABC Port Pirie is filling in. Voice is not my cup of tea.


Sarah Macdonald returns to Nightlife tomorrow night (Saturday) with Melanie Tait continuing to fill in for Phil Clark next week.

Bern Young is fantastic on nights.



I heard their quiz earlier this week and it sounded like community radio, a party line.


Would prefer Melanie Tait running Nightlife permanently on the weekends, she’s not as good as Phil on the quiz though but the one and only time I ever called up for a quiz when she was doing Tassie evenings I won a cap, got the final question wrong but got 5 prior to that.

I do dislike Saturday nights on the radio though, we have it running throughout the night as the soft noise helps the kids sleep or keeps us sane when up with the non-sleeping kids and it’s amazing the stuff you hear or learn but Saturdays here have country at night and then Macca in the morning, my two least favourite shows in the week. Surely Macca must be nearing retirement age now?


Completely agree!

I’d go a step further. Back in the 70s and 80s at least (probably 90s too) a cyclone in the gulf of carpentaria barely rated a mention anywhere let alone the blanket coverage we now receive. Especially when that cyclone was only a Cat 1 or 2. Growing up in regional Qld they only ever got worked up about cyclones when they threatened populated areas along the coast, not the sparsely populated gulf or cape.


I find ABC newsradio is great for this - i need to sleep with a radio on and i find that newsradio is really good as they carry the BBC world service overnight. on a sat night you might get some excitement from the soccer coverage on the BBC but it’ not too bad. Sometimes i don’t even bother with newsradio and just stream the BBC (i use an echo spot on my bedside table to listen)


Rather enjoying Paul, sounds a bit more interested in his callers than Macca, who sounds like he’s just been going through the motions for the last decade or so.


Agree @Brianc68, if you listen to the weather bulletins on 4KZ (online or shortwave), they continue that tradition of not getting worked up about it. Broadcast the requisite warnings but none of the overkill that those sections of the media indulge with as a cheap way of filling content.

Macca loves turning up to collect his pay cheque, that’s the feeling I get from his broadcasting. Disdainful, detached, you name it.

I enjoy tuning to the Sunday programming on RN, Hugh Riminton is an accomplished broadcaster.


Jon Faine has announced he will not seek another contract and this will be his last year on ABC Melbourne mornings.



Faine announces 2019 will be his last year on-air

ABC presenter Jon Faine has announced that after 23 years presenting his Mornings show on ABC Radio Melbourne, this will be his last year on air.

Returning from his summer break, Faine told his listeners at the start of his program this morning that he had joined the ABC 30 years ago to make The Law Report . “Now I find I am presenting the Mornings show on ABC Radio Melbourne for the twenty-third year – but it will be my last. I have told the ABC that when my present contract expires, I do not seek another. Time for someone else to have as much fun as I have had.”

“It is rare for someone who does my gig to get to choose the timing of their departure – instead of having it chosen for them! I never expected to be in this privileged role for anything like as long as I have been, and change is not something to be afraid of,” he said.

Acting Director of Regional & Local Judith Whelan confirmed that Faine had indicated late last year he was intending to make 2019 his last year with the ABC.

“We really appreciate Jon giving us plenty of warning regarding his decision to leave at the end of this year,” Ms Whelan said. “It is a decision that is hard to live with. Jon is a unique broadcaster and one who will be extremely hard to replace,” she said.

Manager of ABC Radio Melbourne, Dina Rosendorff said Jon’s early announcement meant that both ABC staff and his loyal audience would have plenty of time to get used to not hearing him on the airwaves next year.

“Jon is more than just a broadcaster to both his ABC colleagues and his audience,” Ms Rosendorff said. “He has been a mentor and leader to many of his colleagues over his 23 years behind the mic as well as a trusted and reliable source of information and analysis on issues that affect all Victorians.”

Ms Rosendorff said now was not the time to farewell Jon. “He still has a year of reporting on our community and talking to the people who shape it. We will certainly be making the most of his skills in the coming year as we cover the 10th anniversary of the Black Saturday fires and a Federal Election.”

ABC will announce Jon’s replacement towards the end of the year.


Not a moment too soon.

Rafael Epstein or Virginia Trioli for mornings with a new drive host is my tip.