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Meshel Laurie will host Summer Breakfast on ABC Radio Melbourne this year.


No thanks


Great choice, she will be fantastic I think.


Jon Faine’s final shift for the year sees him doing an emergency broadcast into the afternoon with fire in Little River, between Melbourne and Geelong.

Interesting point though, anyone listening to the cricket on Grandstand digital doesn’t get the emergency warnings, only analogue and ABC Melbourne digital.


The emergency warnings are not broadcast on Grandstand digital so sporting broadcasts can go uninterrupted.


Faine just mentioned Local Radio Victoria - not sure why coverage needs to extend beyond ABC Radio Melbourne?

Edit - they’re also discussing the Buninyong fire, which would fall into the 107.9 ABC Ballarat broadcast area


Obviously, my point was that with more cars having dab radios, someone travelling through here would miss out on regular updates. Not suggesting that Grandstand also takes rolling coverage, but even JJJ has been known to y
Tell listeners in emergency broadcast areas to switch to local radio. I’ve not heard any similar in Grandstand, granted I’ve not been listening contranstly.


Coverage wrapping up at 3pm with the Little River fire downgraded to a Watch & Act.

Dilruk Jayasinha will cover afternoons for ABC Radio Melbourne next week


What prior broadcasting positions have they been in?


And probably every local ABC station nationwide. it’s the Christmas holidays networking feast! Shudder.


At least it’s not as bad as the “sounds of summer” crap they had going on years ago. Totally national, often not live.


was that with William McInnes?


I’m probably going back 20 years or so, I do recall him doing a shift at some point, it possibly more recently than that.


2016ish I reckon


Billy from Redcliffe did a couple of consecutive summers from ABC Bris. 2016 his last, 2015 definitely, unsure if 2014. It’d be searchable, he has many > 40 female fans who would’ve gone crazy online for his appearance.


Went on a tour of the ABC North Tas studios today, got on air for one of the live crosses to Hobart with the weekend program before they went to the cricket. Was also interesting as Launceston was on all the TV’s with the News24 coverage of the siege which had ended in the half hour before we got there.

Two TV studios, a radio studio, a news studio and then a newsroom upstairs, fairly small but larger than the Burnie studios. Went to the Hobart ones for an Open Day a few years ago, think that was also a tie in with the Giving Tree fundraiser each year.


All AM services for the ABC in Brisbane are off air tonight for maintenance from after the midnight bulletin until 0450.

This is the beleaguered Bald Hills site which let Brisbane down terribly a few weeks ago with all three services off air during drive for over 30 mins on a day of emergency news with fires throughout the state.

Let’s hope the BA staff are double and triple checking that the redundancy works this time.



A former colleague claimed that Joseph Thomsen had been removed as breakfast host on ABC Goulburn Murray without warning.

His last show was November 30.


Typical ABC way of treating their staff.