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Discuss ABC Local Radio network.


A minor thing I know, but shouldn’t the main sub-forum title be called “Regional, Community, National & International Radio” if we’re going to discuss national (well, they’re receivable in many parts of the country) stations from the ABC.

Always scratched my head that ABC Local Radio wasn’t included in the Major Metropolitan thread in the old forum, thought something may change with the new.


This thread is not in the Major Metropolitan thread because ABC Local Radio also covers regional areas.

In other news, 720 ABC Perth breakfast presenter Eoin Cameron is retiring after a car accident more than two years ago left him with three broken vertebrae. He will be back on air from this week to say a proper farewell to listeners.

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Fair enough, but as I suggested before wouldn’t it be a better idea to label the thread as “Regional, Community, National and International Radio” if we’re going to discuss ABC (or SBS) Radio in here?

Yes, there’s local content on ABC Radio but I would’ve thought that the network as a whole is classed as national radio because pretty much all metropolitan and regional areas across the country have access to at least some ABC stations. But that’s just my opinion.

Plus the majority of discussion is about the main metro stations (702, 774 etc.).

My preference is for a new area within the Media topic called “Public Radio” or “ABC and SBS Radio” that contains just ABC Local, triple j, RN, News, and SBS etc. So there would be Metro Radio, Regional, Community and International plus a new Public Radio. The discussion has been brought to the attention of the admin team; but there are a number of other possibilities and I think they want to present members with a familiar structure to begin with and then tweak it later.


Selina Green is the new Breakfast announcer from 6.30 to 10.00am on 1476 & 1161 ABC South East SA. She will begin on January 18.

The first half of today’s Grandstand program is broadcast live inside the broadcast bunker beneath the Pat Rafter Arena for the Brisbane International tennis tournament. ABC Local Radio in Queensland will broadcast the women’s singles final between Victoria Azarenka and Angelique Kerber tonight at 7.30pm local time.
According to a promo, 774 Melbourne breakfast host Red Symons returns Monday week (January 18).

I thought ABC Local Radio didn’t renew contract with Tennis Australia?

I think it only relates to ball by ball coverage of the Australian Open. ABC will still have reporters at Melbourne Park providing updates for radio and online.

ABC 774 have announced that Richelle Hunt and Brian Nankervis will host The Friday Revue from 1-3pm. Clare Bowditch will host afternoons from Monday to Thursday.

Adam Collins impressive on Grandstand’s international cricket commentary debut on ABC Local Radio.

He also did the ODIs post Ashes tour last year which were restricted to digital.

ABC Radio will not have ball-by-ball coverage of Australia’s tour of New Zealand next month according to Fairfax today, but will have reporters covering the matches. ABC spokesman Nick Leys says the two hour time difference between AEDT and NZT means morning programs on Local Radio stations will be affected by live cricket. What I don’t understand is, why can’t the matches be broadcast live on digital radio or on ABC Sport website (it is provided by Radio Sport NZ anyway)?

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You would think an 8:30am/9am AEDST start in play would work brilliantly well for radio broadcasters.

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Ah well looks like I’ll be listening online. ABC’s loss.

Meanwhile Grandstand digital will have replays of A League and the 1973 ABC Sportsman of the Year Awards.

The budget cuts are at work here folks, I’m not fooled by the “Interruption to local programming” line.