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Is that where emergency warnings could be done from outside the immediate area? I remember one weekend a few years ago now where emergency warnings were initially coming from ABC Adelaide before Melbourne took over.


Yes, I thought of that after posting, but in general with today’s technology, you no longer need a backpack of hardware for radio let alone a tech to continue radio more or less unchanged external of the studio.

In emergency broadcasting, ABC often have that other market on standby to take over. Fire alarms at unscheduled notice would result in an off air “oh heck, deep breath” moment for the relieving team to take over.


ABC Sunshine Coast seemed to have STL problem in the 10am hour.

Announced via ABC Brisbane a welcome to SC listeners as ‘transmitter problems’ with SC.

Reception of 90.3 fine, however they were playing music. Didn’t have time to listen long enough for backup tape or simply music programming.

What did happen?


ABC Local Radio across NSW & ACT, as well as ABC Newsradio, will run a drought appeal tomorrow.


ABC Radio Melbourne will hold a charity concert on Wednesday, August 15, supporting the Australian Red Cross – Greek Fires Appeal to raise funds for the Hellenic Red Cross, to help people affected by the recent Greek bushfires.


As mentioned on Have You Been Paying Attention? tonight. It happened on Ekka last Friday.



Two responses:

1 - What a load of bull.

2 - *You’re (grrr…)


The Myf lunchtime show is so out of place on ABC Local Radio. Surely it can’t last past this year?


I like Myf and enjoy her show on occasion, but do agree it’s an odd fit. Put drive back to 3 and have 2-4 moved to 12:30 - 3.


agree. It’s terrible , put it on Double J and keep local radio local and live.


ABC Radio commentator Corbin Middlemas revealed yesterday that he is gay in a long opinion piece.


No surprise there. @JohnsonTV

Bec Levingston returned to Brisbane bfast on Wed after the workplace incident with the steer at Friday’s Ekka OB.


awesome he felt like it was his time to reveal to us this!

I was gonna write about how being gay and loving sport should not be a mutual exclusive thing but then I realised we’ve got a long way to go and like it’s a small minority right now that are out in the public sphere loving both sport and the same sex. hope this is one of many so one day we can turn around and say ‘and is there a problem?’ when someone likes something ‘blokey’ and are also LGBTQ+.

Baby steps though.




NSW/ACT is getting Evenings from Tasmania tonight and boy are they going to get complaints. Talking about how old people keep their sex lives going at a time when they usually have families and kids tuning in to play the quiz.

I understand that Richard Glover was sick so Bathie had to move forward to Drive but was there really nobody available to present the local show as usual? The Tassie show is terrible.


Surprised they didn’t take Melbourne rather than Tasmania.


This is a question head of ABC Local Radio should be asking of Melanie.

I hope they’re not cutting her slack, she is in the job, she needs to have reserves available.

From working at UE when the were on top, there’s zero excuse for this.

I’m surprised Tas would be talking about such topics so early in the night, far more conservative than NSW.


Quite the shuffle going on this week in Queensland:

*Kelly Higgins-Devine is filling in for Steve Austin on Brisbane Drive for the next two weeks.

*Sarah Howells is filling in on Statewide Evenings for Kelly this week.

*Bill McDonald and Tim Wong-See are filling in on Sunshine Coast Breakfast (due to Sarah being in Brisbane - who has been filling in for usual presenter Rob Blackmore).

*Northern and Southern Queensland drive shows have been combined, presented from Adam Stephens in Cairns the past couple of days. However, on Wednesday it will be another combined edition but presented from the Sunshine Coast.

And nationally - Alan Brough is filling in for Myf Warhurst for a couple of weeks again, and Emma Alberici is presenting PM for a couple of weeks, in for Linda Mottram.


You didn’t publish the saddest news…

No more Cobby on the Qld politics round.

What a talent. Unique and diligent. There aren’t many like him left. Certainly not on the George St round.

He was the last (really who else is still doing it?) of many characters in broadcast journalism in Qld.