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ABC Radio Hobart and Northern Tasmania have been simulcasting Triple J since 4pm today and will until around 10pm tonight with the Triple J One Night Stand occurring in St Helens on the East Coast.


No Grandstand content of significance? No investment in local sport? Perhaps it’s all wrapped up? Where does the programming post midday weekends originate? Hobart or Melb?


Always from the mainland somewhere, Melbourne or Sydney usually. No production out of Hobart past midday on a weekend. Last local news bulletin at 1PM also. Damn shame if you ask me.


Agree, totally ridiculous. Lucky they get a bulletin to 1pm. Midday elsewhere.


It was just a once off and it was the biggest local content event occurring although a bit different hearing it on local radio. Had there not been a break in the football then it would have been that.
They’ve certainly been advertising the one night stand a lot over the past couple of months and many of the listeners would never even know where Triple J was on the dial.


Also the fact that triple j can’t be received reliably in large parts of tasmania, notably the east coast. There are only two transmitters whereas Abc Local has near total statewide coverage with many transmitters.


That is very unusual… I can’t recall any other instance of one ABC station being simulcast on another before?

They probably should have put whatever the regular ABC Local Radio program would have been onto the Triple J frequency in Hobart and Launceston, so listeners in those cities have an alternative.


ABC Adelaide Not Broadcasting Today’s SANFL Finals. In previous years All SANFL Finals have been Broadcast.


According to SANFL website, ABC Adelaide will only broadcast the preliminary final and the grand final. Community station 1079 Life will cover every SANFL final.



ABC execs cut back front line resourcing to retain all their non contributing, overpaid ‘middle management’ execs.

Remove all those who do little or nothing to the content that goes to air.


There was a shouting match on this morning’s ABC Brisbane breakfast between Rebecca Levingston and Quentin Hull over the Sarina Williams tennis match. I’ve never heard anything like it on ABC breakfast radio. Extremely unprofessional especially Quentin who seemed to keep getting louder and louder as he disagreed with Rebecca. Rebecca, while not condoning the actions, was sympathetic to the issues raised by Sarina Williams about unequal treatment in tennis for women.


Annnnnnnnd that’s why 612 is no longer No. 1 at Breakfast. And falling.


Chris Bath is taking ABC NSW Evenings on the road this week.

They will be covering 4 towns in 4 days:

  • Orange (Monday)
  • Dubbo (Tuesday)
  • Tamworth (Wednesday)
  • Muswellbrook (Thursday)


Do you mean Serena? I have never heard Quentin in an outburst. Perhaps station bosses spoke to him afterwards?


As in from the local ABC studio or at a function?

Does Phillip Adams still do Late Night Live from Muswellbrook every now and again? I know they still have a farm up Gundy way.


ABC Studio.


Of course you haven’t because Quentin doesn’t usually encounter colleagues on air who behave in such a self righteous, passive/aggressive manner that Levingston so unprofessionally does.

The show is train wreck, the producers are out of the depth, the ‘senior’ producer took a long holiday to distance himself.

Simon the new manager needs to make changes ASAP for 2019, then again, being appointed by the same ABC management that began this debacle in Adel, Melb and Bris, I’m not optimistic.


I really like Quentin as a caller on NRL/AFL, and i think what he did was unprofessional.


The entire 2018 (and early in some othe cities) presenter and show shuffle has been a complete disaster.


There’s an interview with the Director of ABC Regional and Local Radio in talking about the difficulty of having ABC Local on AM. He was making a lot of points about how the younger audience won’t listen to AM and speaking the advantages of FM.

I found it strange he didn’t mention DAB+ once!
Surely the problem of ABC Local on AM is primarily in the capital cities. Where they are also on DAB+. I know some regional ABC Local stations are still on AM but an awful lot of them are already on FM.

Why don’t they take the lead and actually PROMOTE DAB+ ?

It seems to me they are making a case to move Classic FM to online/DAB+ only and put ABC Local on FM in the capitals. Which is actually fine with me but why can’t they also promote DAB+