A Current Affair

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Yes I noticed that too, I wonder if Mike didn’t do that story on Adam Whittington the team at ACA might have included him? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wasn’t it due to being drunk whilst on air for ACA that he was fired? I am sure Nine don’t want glorify the time when they had a presenter under the influence.


Some other Michaels missed out too, Minehan and Schildberger.


I thought that the Mike Willesee drunk presenting of ACA incident happened while filling in for Jana Wendt one week in 1989, to which Derryn Hinch replied “I’m sober” on his rival Seven program the next night?


I don’t believe he was fired for that. And that was barely one incident over years of service, and he did continue at Nine for some time afterwards IIRC. Plus he created the original ACA in 1971. But I’d say the boffins just dug out whatever footage they could get at a moment’s notice and not paid close attention as to who they left in or left off. It was only a montage not a documentary


I have the video uploaded, but had it set to private because of copyright concerns. Perhaps Nine won’t worry about that anymore???


Good too see Tracy has another interview on Monday night,doing what she does best.


It seems that Nine is airing a new generic promo for Tracy Grimshaw on ACA:


Deborah Knight hosting tonight and tomorrow night she said Tracy is on a short break.


WOW! I think this might be the first ever time that Deb has filled in on ACA?


I believe it is. With Cam leaving the network, really only leaves Leila left to fill-in (who BTW has no permanent gig) for Tracy and of course more recently Ben Fordham. Despite saying she will fill-in on ACA, Georgie is yet to make an appearance and then of course the two Stefanovics have filled in and Brady Halls.


Love the opener montage. Shame about how the program has shifted from having some serious material in there to being all tabloid fluff. :unamused:


Leila McKinnon hosting tonight.


A paid endorsement for Stan no doubt?

Wonder how quickly it look them to omit any information about Presto, if at all considering they weren’t really any competition.


After the announcement of the demise of Presto. Is it possible that Stan might be on the way out too? Maybe merging with 9Now somehow?


Tracy is having another long weekend, so Leila is hosting tonight .


Tracy is back tonight.


What was the big announcement about the way we view?


No idea, couldn’t care less. Obviously changed nothing, typical ACA spin as usual.


Leila McKinnon hosting tonight.