A Current Affair

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A relatively new addition to the ACA promos, use of the standard network promo strap:


Due to Nine’s cricket coverage ACA will not be shown Thursday and Friday next week.


But what will we do without Tracey?

Surely live sport doesn’t take precedence over News & Current Affairs, I demand that they show it on a multi-channel instead.

I can hear the outrage already :roll_eyes:


Of course, it has to be said that Nine and Seven work their 6pm news bulletin(s) around live sporting coverage unlike Ten who will often not air a news bulletin at all in key markets on weekends of major sporting coverage. Yes, some daytime news/current affairs programs on Nine and Seven will either not air or be shortened in duration on days of major sporting coverage, but they’ve been doing this for years. Ten’s decision not to air any news at all (aside from maybe some updates) on days of major sporting coverage is a relatively new thing though.

As for ACA, it’s absolutely no secret that I think that it (and similar programs) are generally tabloid journalism of the worst kind. The sooner that Nine does to this show what Seven did to Today Tonight on the East Coast back in Early 2014, the better.


What is this promo text? It’s nearly unreadable


In Sydney of late, all of the ACA promos have been using the “Australia’s No.1” endtag (when it was always “Sydney’s No. 1”).

Not sure why?


Probably compensating for having to remove “Australia’s No.1” from the promo endtags for Today? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Still haven’t worked out what the tag refers to - Australia’s number one what?


Con artist.


“AUSTRALIA’S No. 1 Con Artist. On A Current Affair, How a network heavyweight went from a respectable journalist to a pillaging con artist and you won’t believe who it is. Tracey Grimshaw has the exclusive, A Current Affair - Monday.”


:joy: Haha! Good one. Sums it up perfectly.


Because of the cricket finishing early, a “Special Edition” of A Current Affair is airing tonight - presumably one recorded in advance.


It appears there will be no ACA tonight due to US election coverage.


During tonight’s news in QLD, ACA was promoted so I am assume QLD, SA and WA will receive ACA tonight.


ACA airing now. Special edition about the election.


Here’s some caps of the special edition of ACA


A Current Affair to swipe big name stars from rival The Project

A CURRENT Affair is out to swipe big name stars from rival The Project in 2017.

The Channel 9 current affairs show wants to attract overseas talent to be interviewed by host Tracy Grimshaw.

The Project has built a reputation for celebrity interviews. Each week Ten publicises the show’s upcoming guest list.

Recent guests have included celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, singers Cyndi Lauper and Ellie Goulding, A-list actor Matt Damon and comedians Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.

Now A Current Affair wants a piece of that action, which attracts an advertiser-friendly audience for their rivals at Ten.

Grant Williams says he wants to add “more of that entertainment flavour” and have Grimshaw interview celebrities instead of spending most of her time “topping and tailing other journalists’ reports.”

Seems strange given that the shows are produced in different cities so studio guests wouldn’t clash and anyone interviewed remotely could easily do both shows.

The Project

Tracy’s fall continues.


Stupid move IMO. That doesnt suit ACA’s brand.


If this change means less consumer reports, then I am all for it. Agree, it just doesn’t sound right.