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A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw is celebrating 35 years at Channel Nine today.

This will probably get some form of a mention on ACA tonight, knowing how Nine usually makes a big deal of their news/current affairs presenters reaching significant milestones at the network.


Posted ACA twitter.

It’s a great career milestone for Tracy.l remember her early years as a Melbourne reporter.


Wonder if Liz Hayes will make a presentation? Saying that as Liz has appeared before on special occasions as they are best friends.

Edit: There was nothing.



Tonight at 7.00pm on Channel Nine, A Current Affair will present an ugly turn of events in the case of missing Melbourne mother Karen Ristevski.

Mrs Ristevski has not been seen since she walked out of her Avondale Heights home in Melbourne’s northwest on June 29 after an argument with her husband Borce over money.

Now, Anthony Rickard, the son of Karen’s husband from a previous relationship, is demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars to tell his story about his relationship with his stepmother.

In the ugly grab for cash, Rickard claims his story is the biggest in the country.


A couple of people complained about a computer shop owner, and there were a couple of complaints about a jewellery shop, so Brady Halls went to Woy Woy and harassed both men, then implied that Woy Woy is full of dodgy bogan businesses. Slightly humourous story, but really it was just typical grubby ACA garbage.


I was in Woy Woy yesterday for work and the businesses Taylor and I were utilising were bloody fantastic. Just because one idiot does something doesn’t mean the whole region should be tarred with the same brush.


The Promo Endtags for ACA have been updated (somewhat) to match the newer Nine promo style, including the Nine HD logo!

I wonder how long it will be until we’re seeing a “Nine News HD” logo on our screens, now that just about every program promo airing for the main channel features the Nine HD logo?



So much red. Looks like the apocalypse in those cities.


I agree, although it does match the “so much red” branding of ACA quite well! :wink:


And the general “reds under the bed” style of reporting!

“The ASIAN invasion is coming!”


Atomic bomb dropped somehwere east of Australia? Also reflected in buildings on the Gold Coast


Whats with everyone’s obsession with the lens flare?



Tonight at 7.00pm

A Current Affair has obtained exclusive footage of the weekend’s Minto terror attack and will broadcast the shocking videos tonight at 7.00pm on Channel Nine.

Wayne Greenhalgh was walking in Sydney’s south-western suburbs on Saturday afternoon when he was set upon and repeatedly stabbed in his abdomen, chest and neck.

The frenzied attack was caught on seven different security cameras and will be shown tonight on A Current Affair.

The must-see videos depict the moment that terror came to the suburbs and a Sydney street became a warzone.


Leila McKinnon hosting tonight Tracy is away on assignment.



Monday at 7.00pm

Wayne Greenhalgh, the victim of the Minto terror attack, will talk one-on-one with Tracy Grimshaw in A Current Affair exclusive this Monday at 7.00pm on Channel Nine.

Greenhalgh was set upon and repeatedly stabbed in the abdomen, chest and neck while out walking his dog last Saturday afternoon.

The frenzied attack, which was caught on camera, shocked the nation.

Now the grandad they call “The Tank” will open up to the nation about the moment he stared death in the face and survived to tell the tale.

In this incredible interview, Tracy Grimshaw will visit the Greenhalgh house in the south-western suburbs of Sydney which became a war zone last weekend.

Plus, you’ll see Wayne Greenhalgh’s emotional reunion with the heroic neighbour who came to his rescue, armed with a fence paling.


ACA showed a few old intros (for 60 years of TV) at the start of tonight’s show. Did anyone record it?


ACA have thoughtfully posted it on Twitter! :slight_smile:



Mike Willesee conspicuously absent :slight_smile: