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A slap on the wrist with a wet lettuce leaf and a firm warning not to do it again?


I wonder if the ACA staff know these training sessions word for word now.


They probably have a PowerPoint cued up and ready to watch.


I would at least expect at the very least on apology to issued during Millionaire Hot Seat on behalf of ACA.


LOL, probably.

Although it must be said that when ACA last had to apologise on-air for an ACMA breach, they did it on a Friday night when Leila McKinnon was filling in for Tracy!


“And before we commence with Skippy the Bush Kangaroo this morning, a word of apology”


And only in two years time when Nine wants the family effected to come on the show :wink:



Monday at 7.00pm

This Monday at 7.00pm on Channel Nine, A Current Affair will present a story that will stun Australia.

We’ll take you inside the Australian-run regional processing centre on the Pacific island nation of Nauru.

It marks the very first time that a television crew has been granted access to the controversial facility.

Our cameras will bring you exclusive footage on how asylum seekers and refugees are really living.


…and as you’d probably expect, very many people on Twitter are quite suspicious about how ACA was allowed to be the first TV show to be granted access to Nauru and especially the timing of the report: During a Federal Election campaign.

Personally, I think a program like Four Corners (for example) should’ve been granted access to Nauru above and beyond absolutely any commercial network current/public affairs program.


Tracy Grimshaw celebrates 35 years with Nine.


I’m honestly surprised that there wasn’t any mention of this (as far as I could tell anyway) during ACA last night!

Anyway, congratulations to Tracy on 35 years at Nine. While ACA is far from my favourite current affairs program on the air, she’s still a great presenter IMO! :slight_smile:


[quote=“SydneyCityTV, post:113, topic:94”]
I’m honestly surprised that there wasn’t any mention of this (as far as I could tell anyway) during ACA last night! [/quote]
They obviously don’t want to highlight her age.



When ACA advertise themselves as “Brisbane’s Number 1”, what are they referring to? H&A regularly wins the 7pm slot by quite a margin with ACA not even in the race. I think they’re sometimes 3rd or even 4th!!


False advertising. Report them to ACA. :stuck_out_tongue:




I have asked the same thing many times - I am assuming it refers to current affairs type programming where they are ahead of 7.30.


It really is! They came a distant 4th in Brisbane last night! Even behind The Project@7pm.


Number one on the Gold Coast was well :yum:


From what I’ve seen of Nine Adelaide & Perth, they use “Australia’s #1” as the tagline on the promo endtags for obvious reasons.

Although I wonder if even the claim of ACA being “Australia’s #1” is true? Maybe Media Spy’s official fact checker TV Cynic could look into that one! :wink: