A Current Affair

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Not usually a fan of his, but I actually think Ben fits the ACA brand well.


I’m pretty sure Ben used to be a reporter on the program before he joined Today


her voice was shot to bits on Monday night. Could hardly talk.


Ben Fordham certainly was a reporter on ACA before joining Today!


Yeah I thought that was the case. I think he also filled in for GG on Today at one point too


Doing the Tuesday (03.05.16), Wednesday (04.05.16) , Thursday (05.05.16) editions of ACA. Tracy returned on Friday.


A current affair is not shown on GEM on WIN at 7:30 pm? Why not?


[quote=“Willwalk, post:89, topic:94, full:true”]
A current affair is not shown on GEM on WIN at 7:30 pm? Why not?
[/quote] Just noticed that. When the NRL first started on Thursdays, ACA for Win viewers was moved to 7pm Thursday and Friday. Not sure why on this occasion.


It’s only temporary. I’m sure that a current affair will be back at 7 pm when SCA shifts to nine after July 1.


For those who have missed A Current affair on WIN, use the 9 now app or use a current affair Facebook page to get the latest stories. That will happen for the time being.


One can only presume that when the affiliation change happens on July 1, SCA Nine will most likely air A Current Affair at 7pm on the main channel.


Nice dig at Peter Helliar by Tracy. :slight_smile: Well said at the end too in her congrats to The Project and Waleed Aly’s Logie wins.


As WIN officially bumps ACA, Nine says " There is no skin off our nose".

Interesting article. In fact, I Nine I wouldn’t be so smart alec about it because your entire WIN network won’t watch ACA for the next 3 mnths on so, so to the general audience IMO won’t re-tune back in once the affiliation is done. Simple as that.


Well, it wouldn’t affect the OzTam ratings (they’re the numbers that the networks really grind their teeth over) at all since they only cover the five main metro markets. Metro + regional combined, you’re right.


Tracy is away on assignment.

Ben Fordham is filling in for her.



In just 48 hours, A Current Affair viewers have raised an incredible $700,000 in cash and donated $100,000 worth of gifts to the Kurt Drysdale Appeal.

Three weeks short of his 21st birthday, Kurt suffered a devastating injury after being tackled in a weekend football match playing for Cabramatta.

It left him a quadriplegic, but worse still, one who must rely on a ventilator to live.

A team of nurses must be with him 24 hours a day, he has been stuck in hospital for over a year, and desperately wants to return home.

The small cottage his working-class parents called home would never have catered for Kurt’s wheelchair and medical team.

Without any money, they knocked down the house and hoped to be able to find the funds to rebuild a new one so Kurt could finally come home.

Thanks to the generosity of A Current Affair viewers that has now become possible.

Host Tracy Grimshaw said: “It can be easy in this job to get bogged down in the worst of human nature, but this week we’ve once again seen the very best of it. I fear I wouldn’t be as brave as Kurt or his family in their position, and it’s clear that our viewers have been as touched by him as we were. These are tough times for families, and to see our viewers dig into their pockets to help them is wonderful.”


Are the metro Nine’s running the new ACA Delta Goodrem song promo as hard as 9NBN is? Almost every 2nd ad break now there is an ACA promo with people thanking ACA for helping them etc.

It’s nauseating.


Saw it quite a few times in Brisbane while watching 9Life :roll_eyes:


Yep, that promo has been airing regularly on Nine…even a version of the promo (but without any channel logos of course) has been shown at the end of ACA from what I’ve seen in recent weeks.


The Courier Mail is reporting that ACMA has found that ACA has breached the Commercial Television Code of Practice - (I know hard to believe isn’t it!)

Nothing received by Media Spy yet - here is the story with a report on the severe penalty that ACA now faces :expressionless:

Candyman gets a win in battle with A Current Affair

The media watchdog has now ruled that Nine breached the Commercial Television Code of Practice by allowing ACA to publish information about Beynon’s family, including commentary about his children’s exposure to his lifestyle.

… Nine has provided ACMA with undertakings that ACA staff will receive training so they can better understand the code of practice and their requirements to meet it.