A Current Affair

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So … apart from filling-in, what is Leila’s actual job at Nine these days?


A Current Affair will be hiatus from Jan 14, while the Australian Open is on.


When WIN produced ACA in Perth, was there an Adelaide version too?


I think so, with Kate Collins.


Yes, it lasted slightly longer in Perth than in Adelaide IIRC.


The big Summer stories just keep on coming at ACA…


:roll_eyes: Who is still watching this crud?


Australia’s No.1…piece of shit

Yeah that description is about right for ACA.


New, I believe, ACA promo aired tonight:

This is my take on it though


Really bugs me they’re still using the old ACA logo bug on the promos.


I couldn’t tell you exactly when it first launched, but I think it’s been in circulation for a little while now.


ACA returns Monday, January 28 after being on hiatus during the tennis.

You can tell that ACA’s EP, Fiona Dear, had a say in the 2018 promos for Peter Overton as there is a bit of resemblance here.


Some key statistics about ACA — that I guess all the reporters have on their desk — seen in the background of a story.
Some notable facts:

  • The average viewing time is 19 mins
  • Their strongest days are Tuesday & Wednesday
  • 56% of their audience is aged 55+


I don’t think Leila will ever host ACA permanently. She doesn’t have the authority or the ‘A’ name, like Tracy, Mike Munro or Ray Martin. Despite your opinions about the show, ACA is highly-regarded by 9 (desputably more so than Today).

This is what has saddened me though. Leila is a pretty good presenter and newsreader but has wasted her time being Tracy’s understudy.




Well it does win its time slot and has an average audience twice the size, so yeah maybe.


It’s good to see that with Tracy returning on Monday night, ACA are promoting that they’ll be tackling the big issues such as … a fluff promotional preview of MAFS…


How far the mighty have fallen.


New End Card