A Current Affair

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Promo for Monday… “shock spoodle switch”. Doesn’t look like the content is getting any better. ACA has became like the tv version of Woman’s Day.


Or Woman’s Day became the magazine version of ACA. It’s a bit like: what came first, the chicken or the egg?


So … apart from filling-in, what is Leila’s actual job at Nine these days?


A Current Affair will be hiatus from Jan 14, while the Australian Open is on.


When WIN produced ACA in Perth, was there an Adelaide version too?


I think so, with Kate Collins.


Yes, it lasted slightly longer in Perth than in Adelaide IIRC.


The big Summer stories just keep on coming at ACA…


:roll_eyes: Who is still watching this crud?


Australia’s No.1…piece of shit

Yeah that description is about right for ACA.


New, I believe, ACA promo aired tonight:

This is my take on it though


Really bugs me they’re still using the old ACA logo bug on the promos.


I couldn’t tell you exactly when it first launched, but I think it’s been in circulation for a little while now.