A Current Affair

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New End Card



Tracy looking younger each year. :slight_smile:


But the content is still old hat :wink:


Probably the same stories as when I watched ACA as a kid…


That oversaturated photo of Sydney had been in use for (at least) the last few A Current Affair Promo Endtags despite updated graphics & presenter photos, so it was about time a new and more natural looking shot of the city was brought in.


But not a more natural looking Tracy.


Yeah, the picture quality out of Studio 23 is awful and seems to make all presenters look about 10 years older than they really are! :confused:

Nine really should take a look at fixing it but since the studios probably only have another 18 months or so to go, I doubt they’ll bother.


Gold Coast during the news was still like this


I’m pretty sure the updated Promo Endtags would’ve been launched after last night’s ACA went to air.


The new one for the Gold Coast


Australia’s No. 1 what?


Moe like No.2. :poop:


Australia’s No.1 show at 7pm.


As voted by TV Week readers.


Because Home and Away is not on any more? :crazy_face:


For her sins (marrying into the Stefanovic family) Nine has relegated Sylvia Jeffries to the plum position of ACA reporter. Talk about a shit sandwich.


According to a Nine spokesperson Sylvia is working on some projects close to her heart across a few departments,including A Current Affair.


A Current Affair is close to her heart?


Perhaps they’ll let her do the odd 60 Minutes vanity project to keep her happy until they figure out what to do with her. “Projects… across a few departments” sounds very vague and non committal. She’ll be out of there if Seven shows any sign of interest when her Nine contract ends.