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Here’s an idea. Put Allison on Sydney’s 6pm News and Mark Burrows on ACA.


Burrows is similar to Usher. Great reporter, and he should stick to reporting. Like Usher he has that same stiffness as Jim Waley.


Or put Allison on 6pm and cancel ACA permanently.


Not at all.
Usher has a presence. Burrows does not.


I wonder if ACA with Tracy will present live from the Aus Open?

TT with Matt White did at Seven (not sure about Anna Coren or Naomi Robson). We know Today will be, and presumably Today Extra. And I’d be surprised if at least Nine News Melbourne with Pete didn’t go live there too.


Maybe either they’ll go on hiatus during Tennis or they’ll make the News 30mins and then put ACA at 6.30pm before resuming Tennis at 7pm. But we’ll just have to wait and see.


Oh yeah, true.



Is only the Christmas Day show pre-recorded or is it a whole week/fornight?


Friday 4 January -

Cameron Williams is hosting tonight.


There mustn’t be much happening in the world according to ACA if Cadbury Roses being changed is a story! :laughing:


What to, carnations?


I rarely agree with ACA but there honestly needs to be a royal commission, they took away the boxes of Hazelnut Whirls years ago leaving the only way to get them being through the Roses boxes and now they are gone from there too. A hazelnut swirl is not a hazelnut whirl.


My neighbour gave me a box for Christmas. Ended up throwing most of them out as they didn’t taste anywhere near as good as I remembered. I’m beginning to think they were a regift. ACA should do a follow up investigation into WTF happened to Quality Street chocolates.:face_vomiting:


I haven’t opened up our Christmas box yet, I saw all the stories but didn’t worry about them until my wife told me earlier this evening. I’m too much in mourning to even try them. Any more disappointment could leave me very upset.


The removal of Strawberry Creme is a national disgrace :laughing:


The changes to Cadbury Roses were made in the middle of last year and isn’t anything new. Old Shops Australia covered it long before ACA did. But of course when ACA covers it “just happened”. :wink:


My hot take (ACA take note) is that the major supermarkets tend to be reluctant to discount roses, but will constantly do very deep discounts on Cadbury Favourites instead. That and I think Lindt Lindor has become a more popular and appears slightly more upmarket (and is also subject to deep discounts on occasion).


Yeah, the Lindt prices at Coles and Woolworths are sometimes the same or cheaper than the Lindt factory outlets.


The changes were made in August apparently but it’s only just been noticed because nobody really bought them before Christmas. The papers and websites have had it for a few days and then ACA picked it up from there. Ceoliacs are also not able to have them anymore whereas they used to be safe for them to eat too.