A Current Affair

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Monday - Thursday

Leila is still hosting she said Tracy is on assignment.


Peter Stefanovic is hosting tonight.


Monday -
Tracy is back hosting tonight.


Is this an oldie?



E!, The New York Times, Vogue, WLYF-FM Miami, Billboard, Time, Deadline etc etc, all published interviews with Barbra Streisand in the past month or two. Streisand is promoting her new album so she is talking to everyone.


Australian TV Exclusive?


Entertainment Tonight also had one on Ten a couple of weeks ago.


sorry, we’re all gonna be watching the new 10 lmao


I’m definitely watching Babs! :joy::joy:


Does this count from this morning?


They should’ve billed the Babs interview as the celebrity interview Lisa Wilkinson didn’t get.


Anyone know what year this would of been? I’m thinking 1993.


News set was used during a report about James Packer tonight.


That lighting looks amazing!
Would be great to see ACA hosted from this set (not that it will ever probably happen)


Would really only be appropriate if ACA ever became more serious and less about sensationalist journalism.


Not sure if that is a testament because Brisbane has one of those news sets. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Friday -
Peter Stefanovic is hosting tonight with Tracy away on assignment.


Tonight was Tracy’s last show. She’ll be back in 2019.
Leila taking over tomorrow night.


Friday 14 December -

Allison Langdon is hosting tonight.