A Current Affair

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What a non story that turned out to be. LOL at ACA’s idiocy.


Sucked you into watching but. That’s what they were after. A ratings bump.


What a joke. Fancy taking someone down like that. Nine should be ashamed of themselves, doing it for the sake of doing it.

Sadly they prefer tarnishing their long-term reputation for the sake of a short ratings boost. Hope it gets all the criticisms that it deserves.


I didn’t watch it on purpose. I was just passing by and it happened to be on.


I’m sorry Tracy you did not receive a rose.


Anyone with a passion for true journalism and is truly good at it, wouldn’t be wasting there time and talent at ACA as it is today


What I find so intriguing, is that Tracy has previously blasted the paparazzi and tabloid magazines for covering her. Yet her show does the exact same thing and goes up into people’s faces and exploits their private life…


Next time it is suggested that Tracy G should receive a Gold Logie, we can recall this.


The question is: Is it Tracy’s decision to do this sort of crap, or the producers above her ??


She chooses where she works.


Ultimately she has a choice to host this program …and it’s such a shame that her judgement doesn’t question why her credibility has to tarnished by hosting this crap

It’s really no different to New Idea/Woman’s Day publishing lies about Fifi Box’s new baby ( no she is not pregnant to my knowledge)

I wonder if ÀCA have a mission and vision and how this story delivers on it.

Why do Australians continue to watch ??


The show is complete rubbish… but Nine (and Seven with TT) aren’t stupid.

They know exactly who is watching and they know exactly who the available audience is. They have tailored a show that zeros in on that audience.

You may not like it, I may not like it… but it’s a commercial success.


@eddel do you think she still has any credibility left after such interviews on her show?


Although Tracy Grimshaw is the presenter of A Current Affair and is essentially the main face of the show publicly, as the Executive Producer of the program I’d imagine that Steve Burling gets the final say on what content ACA puts to air.


Really depends on the dynamics behind the scenes. I’d imagine Jana Wendt storming out on air over having to present that. :slight_smile:


Tracy has plenty of credibility, she’s just a sell out for staying rather than doing something more useful with her time.

I can only assume she has some poor financial habits and needs the money.


IMO after such appalling ‘news’ airing on ACA she should stick it up to them and leave. She would be better utilized at Ten, Seven or even the ABC.


Wednesday - Friday

Leila McKinnon is hosting.


Does not look live, where is she presenting from?


Tracy “away” or schmoozing at the upfronts…