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Friday -
Leila McKinnon is hosting tonight.


Tonight’s episode was scheduled to run until 7.36pm according to EPG but finished at 7.33pm. Not sure why.


Everybody got their work in on time and they got 3 early minutes since it’s Friday and they’ve been good all week.


Early mark. :wink:





Tuesday at 7.00pm

Kayla Kendrigan, the woman at the centre of a terrifying alleged kidnapping and torture, breaks her silence tomorrow night in an A Current Affair exclusive at 7.00pm on Nine and 9Now.

Police claim that 19-year-old Kayla was kidnapped, forced into the boot of a car and driven 50 kilometres to a home in western Sydney.

Once inside she was allegedly tied to a chair, blindfolded and wheeled into a dark room.

Court documents allege that Kayla was then bashed with a bat, burned, punched, kicked, stabbed, and had her hair hacked off.

Drifting in and out of consciousness, police claim that Kayla was then put in the boot of a car for a second time and driven to Windsor Bridge, where she was pushed into the Hawkesbury River, 20 metres below.

The alleged attack is compounded by the fact that Kayla was born with one of her arms half missing and suffers from learning difficulties.

Kayla miraculously managed to live. Tomorrow night she tells A Current Affair of the experience she allegedly endured, her remarkable bravery and her incredible tale of survival.



Tonight at 7.00pm

It was the reality TV shock that had fans of The Bachelor reeling.

Last week, Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins left viewers gobsmacked when he chose to dump both finalists, claiming he wasn’t ready to fully commit to either woman.

As debate raged over the anti-climactic finale, it was revealed that Cummins had fled Australia to avoid the media frenzy and swirling public backlash.

In a remote part of mountainous Papua New Guinea, Cummins assumed he would be safe from facing up to the disastrous conclusion of The Bachelor.

But intrepid A Current Affair reporter Reid Butler has tracked him down, and tonight at 7.00pm on Nine and 9Now we ask the Honey Badger the questions the whole of Australia wants answered.

Surrounded by his mates, a fiery confrontation ensues.

Why are they so angry?

The Bachelor Australia

ACA has gone too far. Why can’t they let Nick and his mates complete the trek first?


If only there was a logical train of thought we could follow here…


Good to see A Current Affair continuing to tackle the hard stories… :roll_eyes:


Huge promo piece for a rival network’s show, nice one ACA.


And on the same night the franchise is beginning a new season. Strange.


That is just harrassment. If they had got him at Port Moresby airport as he was flying out or back in Australia as he flew in, then that is just what goes with being a temporary minor celebrity. To search him out when he is on a trek is not on, and how could ACA not understand why his mates would be upset.


…and he would be contractually obliged to not talk to any other media outlets outside Ten for a certain period of time.


The ACA reporter with his reinforced laptop hides in his hotel room preparing for the surprise.


Honestly, all this for a reality TV show:roll_eyes::man_facepalming:


All this for a LACK OF ANY ‘reality’ show …
If the producers of this crap didn’t like the result they got (if it wasn’t stage managed to start with), it would have been re-shot. Someone would have got the prize money and everyone would still go off in their own direction until the next group of puppets turn up for the next round of stage managed crap.
Rant over


This is pure harassment. Fancy studying journalism only to stoop down this low. I bet they thought the people that watched that trash Married at First Sight would love this but all I see is a huge backlash against them on social media. I bet Ten would be loving this free publicity with The Bachelorette premiering tonight.


You’d think the resort/hotel would have some questions to answer as well letting a camera crew on the premises to invade the privacy of guests.


I’m sure the team at the ABC’s Media Watch program will be rubbing their hands with glee at this “quality investigative journalism” from ACA, between this and the continuing fallout from the Alan Jones/Everest Opera House saga they’ve probably got just about all their content for next week’s episode sorted! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: