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This being on ACA instead of 60 mins reeks of being a paid for promotional puff piece. I wonder if he’ll be wearing an Aldi shirt with Aldi bags in the background.


An interview with the PM is tabloid? What does that make everything else ACA broadcasts?

I’m not surprised they want to plug the new PM. Look at the Senior Producers Twitter feed www.twitter.com/tauerbach


Worse than tabloid.


We aren’t talking about an in-depth political analysis here. It’s a chat over a cup of tea and an opportunity for ScoMo to speak directly to ordinary middle class Australians at home to address questions and concerns that the events of the last 2 weeks have brought up.


Ahh yes, extremely easy to pick which side of politics Taylor Auerbach leans towards! :wink:

I can just imagine some of the hard hitting questions that are likely to be asked…

“Mr Morrison, do you think the Sharks will win the Grand Final?”


I am going to watch it because i’m a political junkie but hope Tracy proves us wrong and gives him the Leigh Sales treatment. I doubt it though.


Watching it with the sound down. Typical ACA stuff, chasing someone across a front yard after they slip out of a caravan. Rubbish.


Good interview. Good mix of soft and hard questions from climate change to if the new first lady is glad her hubby got the top job. Obviously not 7.30 but that’s not why the audience tunes in.


She’s not called a “first lady” in Australia.


Tracy Grimshaw referred to her as such. Take it up with her or ACMA if you’re so concerned about it.


We better pre-warn Tracy that @JBar is on the warpath yet again ! :rofl:


No warpath. Just sounds like yet another Americanism that is creeping in that has never been part of Australian culture. I have never hear anyone refer to the Prime Minister’s wife in Australia as the First Lady.


Should I now start referring to her as the PM’s missus or love of his life?


I hear it all the time in the media - very common. Gillard’s partner was always referred to as the “first bloke”,


How about Jenny.


Not “Jenny from the Shire” as Tracey refereed to her? People really have too much time on their hands if this is the sort of stuff they worry about. Don’t sweat it!


yeah you got a really good point, I hate it too - hence why I smash down tins daily. gotta keep the Aus culture alive!

the term I’ve heard is Spouse of the Prime Minister of Australia. is neutral for gays and women (as opposed to First Lady/First Gentleman).

back on topic - caught a bit of the show last night and was thoroughly impressed about the interview. this shit is what ACA needs to get back to


If we’re using the American “First Lady/Gentleman” for the spouse of the PM, can we start calling the PM “Mister/Missus Prime Minister”?





Tonight at 7.00pm

As Australia continues to be gripped by the mysterious disappearance of Lyn Dawson, A Current Affair tonight tracks down the schoolgirl seduced by Lyn’s husband, Chris.

Renewed interest in the 36-year-old case is due to an extraordinary podcast called The Teacher’s Pet which has been downloaded more than 17 million times, making it one of the most popular true-crime podcasts ever produced in the world.

In January 1982, 33-year-old mother of two, Lyn, vanished from the family home on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Two days after her disappearance Chris Dawson moved his 16-year-old school girl lover, Joanne Curtis, into the family home and into their bed. Lyn Dawson has never been heard from since.

Two coronial inquests have found Lyn was killed by a known person, her husband Chris, but no charges have ever been laid against him

Tonight on A Current Affair we track down the schoolgirl seduced by Chris Dawson. We ask Joanne Curtis , who continues to live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, what she knows about Lyn’s disappearance and how she feels about the man who turned her life upside down.

And for the first time, we also hear from other former Cromer High students including a friend of Joanne’s, Michelle Walsh, who believes she too was being groomed by Chris Dawson.