A Current Affair

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Gold Coast endboard


ACA was broadcasted out of GTV last night.


any caps?



That made sense with Tracy’s appearance on Today Show from Melbourne this morning.


Some caps of the West Pennant Hills Shooting Breaking News coverage from tonight’s ACA:


Friday -
Peter Stefanovic is hosting.


A few caps for what they’re worth:

Top quality investigative journalism in tonight’s program…


Brother Karl always stood up when hosting ACA - it looks better.


Karl’s not available on Fridays, he is out partying. :wink:

Neither is Leila. Maybe they have some beach partying to do:



Can’t wait


Hard hitting current affairs there.


Tomorrow it’s the Peanut Paste Pest

OK I’ll stop now.


And Vege-might come too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Leila McKinnon is hosting while Tracy takes a break.



I don’t think pa will watch but ma might.


Thursday & Friday -
Peter Stefanovic is hosting.


Kate Collins signed off in Adelaide tonight by saying ‘over to Tracy for ACA’ even though Pete’s presenting.


I thought that “hard hitting current affairs” might be a spin off show called ACA Now (probably aired on GEM at 7:30pm til 8:30pm, just to give you MORE Tracy in a push for Tracy to win a Gold Logie next year, encored on Go at 9:30pm and on Nine/SC9/NBN/Imp at 11:30pm)


Tracy hasn’t been on all week.