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Big hair don’t care :man_shrugging:t3:


Care to post a pic of yourself so we can critique your hairstyle?


Tracy inspired by Effie.



Haha nice try, but that would get me in trouble :wink:
I’m not attacking Tracey at all! I’ve seen her hair better that’s all and believe she deserves a better styling team. :heart:️ Tracey


Leila McKinnon is hosting tonight.


Friday -
Peter Stefanovic is hosting while Tracy is on assignment.



Today (3rd June) is Tracy Grimshaw’s 58th birthday.

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The full story here:

Susan claims at the end when asked by Brady that Sunday Night paid her in excess of $100,000 for the interview - chequebook journalism at its finest.

Also $100 million lawsuit filed against 2 Australian media organisations, could be interesting and possibly explain why she’s so rich :joy:


I was guessing that Nine was trash bagging Seven because of the Barnaby interview.


Friday -

Peter Stefanovic is hosting he said Tracy is having a short break.


And… Every. Sentence… Sounded… Like… Rob… Brough…


Cannot [raises eyebrows] with … [pauses mid-sentence] you more.


Tracy interviewed in Stellar


…and for what it’s worth, here’s the article (Paywall Alert, just FYI):

Although I get the impression that Tracy Grimshaw is a decent person in contrast to most of the content she has to introduce on ACA, surely I can’t be the only one who thinks her journalistic career would really benefit from a move to the ABC or SBS? Mind you I can’t see that happening anytime soon since Trace is probably quite loyal to Nine after over 35 years at the network and (I would guess) is probably Nine’s highest paid female on-air presenter.


As we know, Ten are hiring 58 yr olds, so would they be offering Grimshaw a wad of cash now that she has hit the designated age?


The problem is that the commercial networks no longer have any form of hard hitting current affairs shows and its now more about tabloid television. I think Tracy Grimshaw would be suited to something like 4 Corners.

I couldn’t have said it better myself - If Nine wanted to launch an Australian version something like the New Zealand series I Am Innocent - these days she would be my first choice for such a show - 10 years ago I would of considered Ray Martin or Steve Liebmann for such a show

Another possible vehicle if she wanted to move on from ACA would be if Nine re-booted Australia’s Most Wanted.

But at this point, Tracy will stay put until she receives an offer too good to refuse


The next Ita???


No wads of cash left for anyone else :rofl: all the money went to Lisa Wilkinson (if we believe her rumoured salary).

On a more serious note l think Tracy will remain with Nine until she retires considering her loyal history to the network.