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Monday -
Tracy is back hosting tonight.


Friday -
Leila McKinnon is hosting while Tracy is on assignment.


Just heard that ACA is double running a story in a matter of minutes…


Can’t remeber what day it was but there was a story the other night about Drug dealing grannies… I’m sure they’ve ran that story a few years back…


A good read and the comments are pretty true tbh.


ACA muscling in on Nine News Brisbane territory :wink:


Can we just rebrand the entire 1.5 hour block as The Aldi-Coles-Woolworths Show?

In the guides they add this to the description: “Featuring breaking news, sport and weather reports”.


That would be more in the for of “warning, may contain actual news, sport and weather”.


I sometimes look at some of the news programs from Britain or other European countries on SBS and think what a piss poor effort our commercial news broadcasts are in Australia these days.


ACA drought special


I feel a bit out of the loop. What caused the drought to get so much attention all of a sudden? This isn’t new.


Drought assistance was announced in the NSW Budget two months ago and there were a few stories back then.

I guess it came to the forefront when some farmers posted on social media and people started creating assistance schemes. Then TV started reporting on those schemes and interviewing farmers




Monday at 7.00pm

This Monday on A Current Affair we confront the man accused of murdering his wife Lyn Dawson by two separate coroners in a mystery that has captivated millions.

In January 1982, 33-year-old mother of two, Lyn, vanished from the family home on Sydney’s northern beaches.

The coronial investigations found that Lyn had been killed by a known person, her husband Chris. But the Director of Public Prosecutions has always maintained there is not enough evidence to prosecute and he has not been charged. Chris has always maintained his innocence.

At the time of Lyn’s disappearance, Chris Dawson, a high school PE teacher and a former rugby league star, was in a secret sexual relationship with one of his students. His twin brother, Paul, also stands accused of having relations with the same girl.

In a world exclusive, this Monday A Current Affair reporter Chris Allen tracks down Chris Dawson and challenges him with the allegations that have plagued him for decades. And for the first time, we also hear from his twin brother Paul in a fiery exchange.

It’s the explosive confrontation that the Dawson twins never saw coming as we ask the tough questions.


Inspired by The Australian podcast The Teacher’s Pet?




Tonight at 7.00pm

In an A Current Affair exclusive, Tracy Grimshaw goes head-to-head with our new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, tonight at 7.00pm on Nine and 9Now.

Viewers will be taken inside the Morrison home in the Sutherland Shire region of Sydney and get a glimpse of family life for the country’s 30th Prime Minister.

In his first at-home television interview, Morrison will respond to the hard-hitting questions from Australia’s preeminent journalist as well as taking us through the bewildering sequence of events that led the 50-year old to assume the top job at the Lodge.

Tracy will grill the PM on what his vision is for the country and how he plans to save his beleaguered party before the Federal election next year.

Morrison’s wife, Jenny, will also meet with Tracy and give us her insight into what makes her Pentecostal Christian husband tick.


This story should be kept for something like 60 Minutes rather than ACA. But thats just my opinion.


We can expect another Gold Logie campaign next year.

You want Grimshaw to join 60 minutes, or just as a guest reporter?


Gives ACA some credibility and keeps Tracy happy…




Well I think that one of the 60 Minutes reporters would be better. If she wanted to be a guest reporter I could see that working. Just don’t think ACA is the right platform for this story considering its so tabloid and tomorrow night they will probably go producing crap again.