A Current Affair

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How long has the current version of the ACA theme music been used for now? 15 years or close to it? Maybe Nine should’ve updated that along with the graphics.

The new look has some good elements but is mostly on the tacky side IMO, reflective of the program’s content I guess.

I’ll bet that the longer Opening Titles will be dropped in favour of a shorter 2-5 second sting sometime in the coming months.


Weather and closer:




you’ve all missed the best bit - the nunchuck guy!


A few more that were missed the first time round:




Video montage of tonight’s refreshed ACA:

Oh man, that clip is just begging to be used on a comedy program!


With the graphics refresh, Nine could at least have used a recent image of the program’s host. Not sure who this is :face_with_monocle:


The lighting in that studio is absolutely horrible, probably the worst of any news studio in the country. Tracy looked 20 years younger (and 20 times healthier/less dead) when she appeared on the Sydney set late last year to talk about her Don Bourke interview.

Not a big fan of the new graphics either but I guess they suit the show.


The whole thing is terrible, and that’s being kind.


Is it all productions from that studio or only ACA? Now and the other bulletins formerly presented there looked like they were lit better, or is it just me?

Getting rid of that horrific desk and doing a standing presentation would look much better too. Though it would give ACA an authoritative style it does not deserve.


Live cross:


Live cross slightly modified:

Breaking News graphic:

In studio interview:


There is far too much going on there with that graphics package, simple is best.


The circular addition to the OTS spins waaaayy too fast. I get that it’s there to match the generic ACA logo OTS, but they need to slow down the spin significantly.


Leila McKinnon is hosting tonight Tracy is on assignment.


One of my favourite actresses Cornelia Frances announced in January that she was battling cancer,ACA exclusive interview with her next week.


Wonders whether Nine will end up looking at an extension of A Current Affair down the track if people get sick of a 1 hour 6pm news bulletin… It could be called ACA Extra (in the same way that Mornings is now called Today Extra)


ACA Extra at 6:30, ACA at 7:00 is your suggestion?