A Current Affair

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I think we will see minor changes on Monday night. Probably, only updated plasma graphics but new supers would be nice.

Hopefully, more changes to the rest of the news department (cough* cough* Today)


That new exclusive logo makes much more sense than just plastering the ACA logo again.




Monday at 7.00pm

In an Australian television exclusive, Meghan Markle’s sister, Samantha, sits down with A Current Affair for an explosive tell-all exposé, this Monday at 7.00pm on Nine and 9Now.

From her home in rural Florida, Samantha takes us inside her broken family.

In a series of wide-ranging revelations to reporter Lauren Golman, Samantha speaks of financial troubles, substance abuse problems, and how Meghan has let the family down.

Samantha also questions whether Meghan’s charity work is genuine.

Plus, she provides a scoop on all the details on the wedding of the year – Megan’s upcoming marriage to Prince Harry.


This is as bad as those rubbish gossip magazines.


The sister has written a book. Just publicity to sell the book. A month ago she wanted to make up with Markle.


The generic promo ender in the new style:


New graphics!




Much better set graphics!
The logo is a mix of 2006 with the last package (the camera lens look)
Supers are hideous though


We have the theme song back for the opener too!! :tada:
(also the new graphics are very Inside Story-esque)


What drugs are ACA’s graphics team on?
Apparently the same team who did the ODI cricket graphics.




You’re right! They do remind me of the 2006 look


DD8 no doubt did these like they did for most Nine programs


Seven News should take note of the colour scheme.

The opener looks nice but I agree about the supers, looks like something from BTN.


Still don’t get the need to have 2 watermarks, just put the exclusive tag on the bottom left watermark


Looks like this


I always thought A Current Affair leaned to the right.