A Current Affair

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No more tabloid crap please, it’s already bad enough as it is.


But the news rates higher.


Aside from the relatively rare Tracy Grimshaw interviews or whenever the program is forced to cover major news stories, 30 minutes of A Current Affair is bad enough!


New ACA promo end tag from Sydney


either before or after ACA… I am not saying it would be the best move, but for how many years did Nine air a multitude of repeat comedy between 7:00pm to 7:30pm up against Home And Away. This was probably the most likely reason for the move to a 1 hour format. Which as I said I wonder if they would try a move like an extension of the existing format of ACA. The probably wouldn’t want to go with a panel based program (like Nine Now’s Chatroom), which unless they can find some sort of alternative, if they moved away from a 1 hour format, there isn’t much else they could try at 6:30pm.

I doubt they would dare go and spend the money on a 60 Minutes, harder edge type show - maybe the problem is that ACA has went for too much of the same type of stories, with rare breaking stories. Maybe ACA should move back to an analysis of some of the days news stories, maybe each episode featuring a story “as seen on 60 Minutes”, as lets face it, 60 Minutes doesn’t rate as well as it has in the past. But without moving away from the current worn out format it has now, it would probably be more of the same (which ultimately is the same as what happens between 3pm and 5pm on Nine as it is. I can see why you would be against it, but the networks don’t always do what is best and unfortunately, not enough viewers vote with their remote controls when they air “tabloid” crap.

I actually questioned whether Nine would make that change if people turned off the 1 hour news service, I am not suggesting News doesn’t rate higher @JBar, but in the US they have tried changed formats extending programs, spin off news programs etc, and just because many have failed in the US, doesn’t mean they will fail here… Cheap tabloid stories are probably cheaper than news to produce - how much would it cost for a reporter to chase a child support dodger through a car park really???


Sorry but are you suggesting more tabloid stories?


Nine tried A Current Affair Sunday with Karl Stefanovic a few years ago but that didn’t last long.


But more likely to fail than not.


New ACA promo aired tonight. Not sure if there are state variations to this.

EDIT: There are state variations of this promo, just some of the footage has changed and nothing else. Here’s the Brisbane one:


Not a bad promo to be honest.

Weird that their “best phone deal” “best place to get cheap consumer goods” reporter isn’t included… :wink:


If only the content highlighted in that promo were the same type of stories ACA would show on a regular basis


A Current Affair localise a vast majority of their promos (presumably to make the stories seem more important to viewers than they really are), so I’d say there’s a good chance of there being local versions of this one too.

Even though the general production quality of the promo is good, I reckon it makes ACA’s content look considerably better than it actually is! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


At the 18 second mark, the Nine logo on the car is the pre-2006 era dotty.


Don’t give Nine any ideas :stuck_out_tongue:


No local version of promo seen in SEQ


Leila Mckinnon is presenting tonight.


Awkward considering her husband once had a street fight with James Packer and the first story tonight was about him.




Long closer.


Promo airing for Tracy’s Logie campaign.