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Haha… I do understand believe me. :wink:
What I mean to say is that despite not a full ACA crew (last i was told) there is still about half a dozen reporters, a few camera men and producers, editors etc all in Melbourne to produce Melbourne stories. Now obviously it’s not the size of what would be in Sydney, but it’s not completely baron here in Melbourne.


So you’re just trying to talk it up so you can score a job out of it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Some people on this forum think they know everything and like to have the last word.


Hah nope. I’m happy where I am :slight_smile:
Trash is filthy.


The annual what’s coming up on Australian TV this year story currently on. Otherwise known as the ‘let’s cross promote channel 9 shows coming up this year, call every channel 9 show of 2017 a ratings phenomenon and list all the channel 7 flops of 2017’.


They’ll probably mention how MAFS, Ninja, Block and Sophie Monk were soooo good while talking about the shit that is Yummy Mummies, Hell’s Kitchen, Behave Yourself, Michael Hutchence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Just don’t mention FFF to anyone at Nine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


…or Lisa Wilkinson’s defection from Today to The Project!


Updated endtag for Sydney.


Looks the same to me? What’s new?


The photo of Leila McKinnon has been updated.


Previous photo


An “exclusive” investigation into the $1600 coffin swap story on ACA tonight.


Beaten to the punch by TT from last night with a following update the same night as ACA.


However, I give credit to ACA on this one, when considering both TT pieces, the ACA story was much more in depth and actually detailed how the whistleblower (pictured above) found out about the switch and how he informed the family, information lacking in the TT update piece from tonight despite the whistleblower being interviewed.


Is it that hard to put a tie on when you know you’re going to be on TV? Seriously!

(Courtesy: @ScreenTower)


Or at the very least, do that second to last button up…


It’s ACA, obviously don’t expect ‘journalism’ delivered ‘professionally’.


Tracy Grimshaw returns from holidays on Monday, Jan 29.


I’ve missed you tracyyyy!


From a promo for Tracy’s return tonight.


Oh the irony


The promos airing for Monday night’s ACA have what appear to be updated graphics:

Do we think the graphics used on the program will also have a refreshed look on Monday or is it just a thing for the promos?