If this does happen, I’m assuming it’ll either replace 9Life or 9Gem HD? Can’t see how Nine could retain all of their existing channels and fit another one without making some type of compromises


Very interesting.

The only plausible way I could think of making this work is to finally make the move to full MPEG4 for all channels?

Either that, or run Rush as a low bitrate SD MPEG4 channel and take a bit of bitrate out of each existing channel.

OR… maybe this will be a stream-only channel available through 9now. Similar to the alternative channels that Seven has on 7plus


Maybe Nine will get rid of one of the channels for 9GO and put 9Rush on channel 93 or 99? There’s definitely a way out for Nine to have four multi channels existing on the same spectrum.

Or they could get rid of the Nine SD frequency on 91 and put 9Rush there or as an extra HD channel like SBS.

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The duplicate channels do not use extra bandwidth.
(99 and 93, 9 and 91 share the same streams)


Well they say your learn something new everyday.

Maybe they could merge 9Gem and this channel as one, considering 9Gem doesn’t really have much to offer other than sports, Days of our lives/Young and Restless plus a bunch of British drama encores and B/W movies.

If the channel does launch as proposed, is there any Australian content that could air on the channel?


Maybe it could share the same channel as 9Life, so you will have 9Life shows during the day and Rush shows at night, similar to ABC Kids/Comedy channel.

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No. 9 Life has a big following at night.


If Seven is somehow able to fit in four MPEG2 SD channels (Seven, 7TWO, 7mate, 7Flix), two MPEG4 HD channels (Seven HD, 7mate HD) and two MPEG4 SD channels (RACING.COM, Open Shop), then I can’t see why Nine wouldn’t be able to keep all their existing services but add this new “9Rush” channel to the mix in MPEG4 SD.

9Gem could certainly do with a relaunch/repositioning. I always found it weird that sports telecasts air on what’s otherwise a predominately female-skewed channel. At least having sport on 7mate makes sense because that channel is aimed at blokes!

That’s a very old fashioned comment. There are millions of women in Australia who love sport and millions of men who don’t like it much at all.


Fair point, but somehow I just can’t imagine there being much (if any) audience overlap between those watching all the repeated movies and dramas on 9Gem compared to the viewers who’d be watching the channel for coverage of the cricket or NRL in the Southern states.

9Gem does very well with sports coverage. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it hold the highest rated multi channel program so far for 2020?

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Rush? When i first saw the name i thought it was for a automoative channel. Seems like a weird name for a channel. Obviously we dont know all the details but why pick a name like Rush for a documentary channel?


The first thing I thought of was Adrenaline Rush so I’m curious to see what the content will be.


The first thing I thought of was the theme tune to a certain 1970s Australian drama series.


Media Release:

Nine will launch 9Rush, the new home of high adventure, high octane and high adrenaline reality programming, in partnership with Discovery Inc. on April 5.

9Rush, Australia’s latest multi-channel, will be designated as Channel 96.

9Rush will commence at 7.00pm on Sunday, April 5 with the exclusive premiere of the new series of Top Gear UK, featuring Australia’s favourite British import, Freddie Flintoff (who is part of the commentary team on Australian Ninja Warrior).

For anyone with a taste for adventure, a need for speed or who enjoys the thrill of the chase, with Discovery’s extensive back catalogue of globally renowned, premium real-life entertainment content, this is the channel for you.

All titles are brand new, free-to-air-first programs that feature characters who must be seen to be believed.

Whether it’s digging for riches in Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, street racing in Oklahoma with Street Outlaws, kicking in doors with the police in the USA on Live PD, transforming rusty wrecks into one-of-a-kind rides with Kindig Customs, or extreme survival off the grid in the wilderness with Alaskan Bush People, 9Rush will be your 24-hour male reality obsession.

It will also include free-to-air, premiere episodes of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, which documents the survival instructor’s return to the wilderness, battling the elements with a host of Hollywood celebrities, and Man vs Wild, Grylls’ breakout show – where he tackles seemingly impossible challenges in the most remote parts of the globe.

“At Discovery, we’re dedicated to powering the passions of our audiences with the best in real-life entertainment,” Rebecca Kent, General Manager, Discovery Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands, says of the extension of Nine and Discovery’s existing partnership.

“Action and adventure is a huge part of our DNA and we’re proud to be bringing our globally renowned and loved programming to 9Rush. We look forward to strengthening our partnership with Nine and connecting new viewers to Discovery’s powerhouse programs.”

“Nine are thrilled to partner with Discovery to deliver premium, free to air first content. As a global leader in real-life entertainment, Discovery’s dedication to serving audiences with content which inspires, informs and entertains is second to none,” said Nine’s Program Director, Hamish Turner.

“The deal will deliver Nine and 9Now thousands of free to air premiere episodes. 9Rush audiences will be spoilt for choice, with an extensive range of high action and adventure programming, available on Australia’s latest channel and available free on 9Now.”


Don’t expect it to be on tv in sca9 areas. They said 9gem will be in hd and we are still waiting for it

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Few thoughts:

  • Judging by the announced programs, 9Rush has been designed to attract viewers away from 7mate. Will be interested to see whether they’re successful in doing that since if they are, it’ll only add to Seven’s current woes.

  • TV Cynic and/or others can correct me about this but hasn’t Nine & Seven demonstrated over the last few years that what a network having 3/4 multichannels does is those multichannels ‘canabalize’ each other’s ratings rather than grow the network’s overall share? If that’s the case, reckon 9Rush’s launch will impact 9Go the most


They couldn’t have picked a better time to launch the channel, especially since many would be working/staying at home and most would be looking at streaming or FTA for entertainment. A new channel would give people more entertainment in times like this.


If I was a gambler, I’d definitely be putting money on 9Rush being an MPEG4 channel…and less (but still some) on 9Life switching to MPEG4.

Content wise, probably the best thing I can say about 9Rush is that at least it’s not going to be another home shopping or food/cooking-themed channel. Although even so, I probably won’t be a regular viewer.

Yep, I agree.