Another Nine original kids series being produced from Brisbane’s Mt Coot-tha studios to air on 9Go! later this year.


Did I miss the final season of The Middle?


I don’t think it has aired? I kept looking for it on 9Now but it showed no results. Usually around this time of the year they do air that show .


The Middle returns 7:30pm Sept 27
Survivor: David Vs Goliath premieres 8:30pm Sept 27 (90 min special)


Yay! Looking forward to both.


Will be interesting to see who gets the rights to the spinoff:


Manifest will be repeated on 9Go! next Tuesday at 8.30pm. Anyone wanting to catch Waterworld that was originally scheduled then can see it Wednesday at 9pm.


Is this because it rated well, ratings exploitation / share? Or is this because it didn’t rate as well as Nine had hoped, making up for advertisers / trying for extra viewers? Or a bit of both (the ratings were sort of good but not Good Doctor launch fantastic ).

Also… Who gives a shit about Costner’s career ruining Waterworld ?!

Movies on TV

9Go! Kids watermark been used (by mistake?) during ‘Finding Neverland’

Update 6:20pm": Back to normal watermark…


Photoshop Fail for this Promo Endtag for The Middle (screencap was obviously taken of a Nine HD airing earlier this evening), with an odd line floating above the hand! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t see it? Which hand?



ok. thanks.


Had to check whether it was a scratch on my screen. No one is going to notice that.


Schedule Update

The World of Dance

Remaining episodes of The World of Dance (formerly on Nine Saturdays at 7pm) will be shown on 9Go!

Friday 16 November
05:30pm The Qualifiers 2 Rpt (S1 Ep02)
06:30 pm The Qualifiers 3 (S1 Ep03)

Friday 23 November
06:30 pm The Duels 1 (S1 Ep04)


The finale was 2 months ago ? No wonder it doesn’t do well…


Βut nobody really cares anyway.


Actually these episodes aired in June of 2017. It was the second season which finished two months ago.


9GO program update:

Toy Box premieres on 9GO on Monday December 10th at 7:30pm. This is the two season only series that aired in America on ABC and was hosted by Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family in 2017. There are 8 episodes in each season.

A new season of American Ninja Warrior airs at 7:30pm on Tuesday December 11th. This appears to be the 9th season that aired in America on NBC in 2017.

The Middle airs its final ever episode, with the two parts airing back to back on Thursday December 13th at 7:30pm.


Just noticed that 9Go! is airing Xena: