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The current season of Love Island UK will premiere at 9.30pm on Wednesday July 4


From Sunday, just tons of Big Bang re-runs and a 9pm movie each night.

Mirror image of 7flix a year ago :roll_eyes:


A promo aired last night that the first three episodes of Love Island UK will be shown as a sneak peek on Wednesday and Thursday. The rest will be shown on 9 NOW with an new episode being released each day from Friday 8:30 pm AEST.


“Spiderman Friday’s” Promo:


How long has Today been on 9Go between 10.30am-2pm? And The Block following it 2pm-4.30pm?


They aren’t on 9GO Sydney?


Really? I’m in Hobart and we definitely have a Today encore on which is followed by season 11 of The Block.


Also on 9Go! in Spencer Gulf, Port Augusta and Broken Hill, and on VAST. I’m thinking it may be to ensure that these SCA Nine affiliates and Imparja comply with the local content rules for multichannels as these areas do not get 9Life? Maybe WIN should be doing the same in SA, WA, Griffith and Mildura?


and not on nine go victoria either


So it’s as easy as pumping out repeats of Today and The Block on a multichannel to stick to local content rules? Sounds like a broken system to me!
And if they’re going to do that, could we at least get some of the 9Life programming?
Will be interesting to see how that works given Kids WB runs 4-5pm and this “breakaway” programming ceases at 4.30pm.


The Block is on 9Life at 3:00pm, so it’s partially being done I guess.


Yeah I guess. Would prefer shows that haven’t previously been on the main channel but oh well.


It seems to only affect SCA-controlled channels…


Give that this is SCA we’re talking about, I doubt it… but please tell me they’re at least showing the correct time on the clock in the left corner on the encore version, instead of just leaving it as it was?


It’s owned 50/50 by SCA and WIN, not sure that’s any better!!
The one time I stumbled across it, the time clock was not correct.




BrainBuzz , Nine’s children’s science show where those nagging questions you’ve always wondered about are brainstormed and answered, returns for a second series on Monday, August 20, at 8.00am on 9Go! and 9Now.

Host Kellyn Morris and resident scientist Clare Van Dorssen are back to test physical extremes, create amazing science experiments and introduce our studio guests to live Australian animals like pythons and birds of prey. Character actor Michael Balk is once again onboard as the BrainBuzz team cross through time to chat to his wacky band of famous scientists, historical figures and kooky characters.

Described as “science by stealth”, BrainBuzz is so engaging, funny and entertaining that kids don’t even realise they are watching a science show.

Executive Producer, Geoff Cooper, said: “It’s great to see BrainBuzz return for a second series as we continue to develop Nine Queensland as a home for quality Australian children’s production.”

The first week of BrainBuzz series two will see the team brainstorming questions on topics including Ball Sports, Communication, Rivers, Circus Science and Dogs.


Can anyone please confirm the 9Go! schedule for this Friday prime time? My Foxtel app guide is showing ‘blank’ for it (their other channels are up though).


On my Foxtel app it shows Puss in Boots at 7:40 followed by Abduction at 9:30. The Iron Giant is on before that at 6.


Thank you and a ew at that line up, especially that Taylor Lautner abomination.