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Interesting fact!: The number of pages on the old 9Go! thread is the same number as the original channel number!

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A montage of the new supers

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On Sunday, 9Go is showing The Brady Bunch Movie. This movie was on Eleven either last Tuesday, or the Tuesday before that. Is that the fastest reshowing of a movie on different multi-channels?

Did the contract switch from Ten to Nine at the end of last year?

Two old cartoon movies tonight on GO! ( 90s Tom and Jerry and Bug Bunny/Road Runner from the 70s).

I don’t mind, but the WB cupboard must be getting a bit thin

9GO! Used to show alot of Big Bang Theory now they show none…

Probably because another network has picked up the rerun rights to most of the series…

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Yeah that was Seven but Channel 9 are still showing reruns. It’s weird

It seems weird but easily explained. Seven have picked up the repeat rights for the earlier seasons while Nine have retained the repeat rights for the later series.

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HasnNt been like this since “Friends”


From Thursday 18 February at 8.30pm

Survivor is back! Fast-tracked from the US, Survivor: KaĂ´h Rong will see the castaways divided into three tribes based on the most prominent personal attributes of each castaway.

Watching Ace Ventura tonight (don’t judge me) but the source must be quite old. The sound is woeful, the dialog is muffled quite badly.

Power Rangers Dino SuperCharge premieres 4:30pm this Sunday on 9Go!

###Crunch Time

From Monday 16 May at 7.30am

Kids will be leaping out of bed when Crunch Time, their new action-packed lifestyle program, premieres this Monday, May 16, at 7.30am on 9GO!

Hosts Alice Zaslavsky (MasterChef Australia, Kitchen Whiz) and Nick Vindin (Move It, SBS World News) are an animated and dynamic duo who will bring their love of food, sport and above all fun to the Crunch Time set.

In a high-energy, fun-filled half-hour, Alice and Nick will provide side-splitting laughs and take part in riotous challenges, all while teaching kids about the importance of healthy living, eating and being active.

In each episode kids will learn how to make great-tasting, healthy recipes at home, watch some hilarious backyard activities, laugh along as Alice and Nick try physical stunts, and go head-to-head in some truly crazy challenges.

Our hosts will also meet two amazing young guests in each episode who have a special talent to show off: from hip hop dancing and playing the violin to table-tennis moves you wouldn’t believe, these kids will inspire viewers young and old.
Grab your toast and join Alice and Nick each weekday at 7.30am on 9GO! for a feast of wild antics, fun facts and valuable lessons in health and exercise, when it’s Crunch Time!

^ Terrible show.

[quote=“Sifon, post:15, topic:371, full:true”]
^ Terrible show. [/quote]
I suspect you’re not their target audience…unless you’re nine.

Kyle Sandilands to star in pawn TV series, Meet The Hockers for Nine’s Go!
The Daily Telegraph

Apparently, new episodes of Regular Show starts Monday at 6pm. God knows how new these episodes actually are.


Would this mean we would have to wait longer for Rick and Morty S2 on Netflix ?

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Why bury them at late night Sunday? Won’t they be more suitable for late Fridays and Saturdays?