Haven’t SBS been airing this?


7flix thread mentioned that 7 mustve not renewed Big Bang rights.
Does 9 have rights to all seasons again?

The Big Bang Theory

New 9Go! Kids show, hosted by former Totally Wild presenter Kellyn Morris and produced from 9 Queensland’s studios at Mt Coot-tha starts at 8am on the 19th February.


This one?


That’s the one, sorry I forgot to include the name of it.


She was at Ten long before she did TW.

A low rating kids show before 9am with David and Kim / The Circle, called “Puzzle Play” IIRC (mid-2000s?) She also did occasional Ten Sport reporting.


but most people browsing here would know her from Toasted.




From Monday 19 February at 8.00am on 9GO

Channel Nine’s new children’s science show, BrainBuzz, premieres Monday, February 19, at 8.00am on 9GO and 9Now! and promises to solve many of the world’s most frequently asked questions,

Host Kellyn Morris and resident scientist Clare Van Dorssen will be joined by kids from around Australia to explore and dissect the many curious questions children have long been asking.

Described as “science by stealth”, BrainBuzz is so engaging, funny, and entertaining that kids won’t even realise they are watching a science show.

Hosting children’s TV comes naturally to bubbly Kellyn Morris, 28, who has carved out a 10-year career as a co-host on several national kids programs. BrainBuzz is her first opportunity to take the reins of her own show.

“BrainBuzz is an awesome show to be involved with. I’ve learnt so much and I’m really looking forward to sharing all the fun and interesting facts with the kids of Australia,” she said.

Clare Van Dorssen is a brand new talent for the Nine Network, a recent graduate of the Shell Questacon Science Circus. Clare has travelled around Australia presenting school science shows and leading teacher development workshops. With a formal science background and experience in research and education, she brings a fresh, down-to-earth style which is perfectly suited to connect with the young audience.

“We’ve had a blast making this show. Being able to share and engage Australian kids in my science passion is terrific. I’m so thrilled to share our findings in the show with the kids of Australia,” she said.

At the heart of the program is the BrainBuzz Crew – kids from around Australia who join in on the experiments in Clare’s “Think Tank”, interview actors posing as history’s most famous scientists in mock live crosses, and discuss concepts and theories with Kellyn and Clare on how the world works.

The first week of BrainBuzz will see the team brainstorm various questions including ‘Why is metal so strong?’, ‘Why do we get dizzy when we spin around?’ and ‘What is a laser?’. Tune in to 9GO! on Monday, February 19, at 8.00am to hear and see what discoveries unfold!


They’ve got the exclamation on the wrong one :roll_eyes:




Saturday 17 February from 7.00am on 9GO!


The popular children’s program Kids’ WB is back with two new cast members and a brand-new set this Saturday at 7.00am exclusively on GO!

Block favourite Andy Sunderland and newcomer Tayla Johnston will be joining the Kids’ WB family as roving reporters. Andy and Tayla will be hitting the road all year, determined to bring kids all sorts of wacky challenges, celebrity interviews, extreme dares, sporting attempts, animal profiles and colourful antics from the many weird and wonderful locations Australia has to offer.

Andy and Tayla join hosts Lauren Phillips and Shane Crawford on Australia’s number one children’s program.

Lauren and Shane finally have two guinea pigs they can send out to do all the things they’d never have the guts to try themselves.

“I’m super excited to be joining Kids’ WB as a roving reporter,” Andy Sunderland said. “This new role allows me to live out my childhood dream, as I have grown up loving cartoons and adventure. The team at Kids’ WB are awesome and I’m stoked to now be a part of it.”

This year Kids’ WB is also bringing viewers a bright and exciting new set, as well as giving away more prizes than ever, thanks to the shows major sponsor, Headstart.

The 13th season of Kids’ WB will bring back some of your favourite segments along with fun new ones, including Let’s Get Quizzical, a quiz show trying to find the brainiest kid in Australia; Illustrator Battles, where Lauren and Crawf team up with the best illustrators in the country to battle it out in art challenges; and Wannabe, where Lauren tries out jobs that viewers may want when they’re older.

Kids’ WB returns seven days a week on GO! from Saturday, February 17, at 7.00am
Weekdays 4.00pm - 5.00pm on GO!
Saturday and Sunday 7.00am - 11.00am on GO!


^ Don’t they show cartoons anymore on Kids’ WB?


Well the newcomer specifically mentions loving cartoons.





Next week on BrainBuzz host Kellyn Morris, resident scientist Clare Van Dorssen, the BrainBuzz Crew and special guests delve into questions about Weather, Adventure Science, Robots, Insects and Transport.

Tune in weekdays at 8.00am on 9Go! and 9Now to see it all unfold.

Episode 6 – Weather

Every day we experience different weather conditions and overall they are quite mild. However, the weather isn’t always that predictable. Some types of weather, like thunderstorms, cyclones and hailstorms, can be extremely powerful and destructive.

Channel Nine’s weather presenter and meteorologist, Garry Youngberry, helps Kellyn and the BrainBuzz Crew find out where wind comes from, what a cyclone is, and how to predict the weather.

Episode 7 – Adventure Science

Have you ever had that superhuman feeling? When you try something adventurous and instantly feel a boost of energy, emotion, and even satisfaction?

Kellyn and the BrainBuzz Crew are introduced to an exciting adventure sport, rock climbing. They’re are joined by a professional rock climbing instructor, Louis Talbot, who demonstrates why rock climbers are so agile and can climb fast.

Episode 8 – Robots

Reviewers, analysts and commentators say that robots will one day take over the world, but there are still so many questions. Will robots ever think for themselves? How do you tell robots what to do? Can robots fly? Kellyn and the BrainBuzz Crew are joined by Professor Johnathan Roberts from the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision and his robot called Baxter to answer these questions.

Episode 9 – Insects

Did you know that more than half of all living things on the planet are insects? Kellyn and the BrainBuzz Crew are joined by bug specialist Lea Fern, from Bug Kidz, who brings along her collection of insects to answer questions such as: Are spiders insects? How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly? And why are bees so important?

Episode 10 – Transport

We all know that transport gets us from A to B. Join Kellyn and the BrainBuzz Crew as they discover the science behind the different forms of transport and find answers to how a hovercraft works; why we see wires above trams; and why we have public transport.

Tune in to 9GO! and 9Now, weekdays from 8.00am, to hear and see what discoveries unfold.


Sexy Herpes is premiering tomorrow night. Sounds interesting.


Why did they screen all six episodes in one go?


From Sunday 27 May at 8.30pm screening Sunday to Thursday.


9Go! have “The Terminator” (1984) scheduled for Tuesday week at 8:30pm.

Smart programming, with 7mate’s “Heavy Metal Marathon” (having been airing the other Terminator films over recent Thursdays, including next couple). Shame they’re all out of order, not sure why.



Isn’t Love Island going to hurt The Voice which is already struggling to keep younger viewers interested?